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Ship Worldwide:
* FedEx
* Dhl
* Ups
* Tnt
* Ems
* 4px
* Air Post
Payment Options:
* COD by cash
* Bank Wire Transfer
* Paypal
* Western Union
    IC Phoenix requires a hard copy P.O. as a secondary precaution to ensure that your order is promptly and securely entered into our system. You can send your P.O. to us via fax or e-mail.

Please send your order to: Fax:86 533 2716790

Payment Method
  • COD by cash
  • Bank Wire Transfer($20-25.0 bank transfer fee applies)
  • PayPal(5% paypal fee)
  • Western Union       - Customer is responsible all other origination fees.

Shipment Method
  • Express(FedEx/DHL/UPS/EMS/TNT):
    • Safe and fast
    • Delivery time 3-6days all over the world.
    • Door to Door
  • Normal Air Post:
    • inexpensive
    • delivery time 10-25days.
    • Post office to post office
    • only use for small package

Contact Information:
TEL: (+86) 53-3271-6050 (+86) 53-3279-6365
FAX: (+86) 53-3271-6790

Recently Purchased
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ic,good price

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