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VV6410C036 from ST, ST Microelectronics 5940pcs , LCC36,DUAL-MODE DIGITAL CAMERA CHIPSET
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FEATURES AVAILABLE IN STV0680B-003● Audio record/playback and “Delete Last” STMicroelectronics Imaging Division has enhanced functionthe feature set of the STV0680B low cost dual-mode camera chipset to allow a new line of low cost ● Custom sounds playback (e.g. “Talking” or cameras or toy products to be brought to the “Musical” camera)market.● Flashgun support● Quick Power Down (by holding Mode STANDARD features included in STV0680B-003 ● STV0680B-003 fully backward compatible allow audio memos to be recorded, stored in with STV0680B-001SDRAM, and uploaded to the PC over USB or ● Support for VV6410/6411 (CIF) and VV6500 RS232, to be played back using an OEM software (VGA) CMOS imaging sensors.application developed using the SDK● Support for SDRAM sizes 16MBit (up to 20 With the addition of playback hardware, recorded CIF images) or 64Mbit (up to 80 CIF or 26 audio sounds can also be played back on the VGA images).camera, and it is possible to download a set of ● Low resolution “economy” mode allows for custom sounds from the PC to allow (e.g.) shutter more images to be stored.“Click-Whirr”, or for a “Talking Camera”. This has limitless possibilities for OEM language ● High frame rate web cam (tethered video) customising or licensing.over USB.● Automatic anti-flicker exposure control.Flashgun Support and “Delete Last” Function● Image up load over RS232 or USB.STV0680B-003 includes flashgun support for an ● Driver support for Win98/Win2k/WinME and OEM flashgun module. An additional user interface MacOS 8.6/9.0/9.1.function is available in STV0680B-003 which allows ● Continuous capture while untethered (except the user to delete the last image, continuous clip or when Flashgun enabled) and downloading to audio memo which was captured or recorded.AVI file format● Power-saving “stand-by” mode which Evaluation Kit and Reference Designmaintains memory contents, as well as Evaluation kits are available for both standard generally low power consumption.
VV6410CO36 ST
VV6410F-036 VISION

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