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UC2842ADTR from TEXAS, 26pcs , SOP,Current Mode PWM Controller
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UC2842ADTR from TI, Texas Instruments 1000pcs , SOP-14,Current Mode PWM Controller

Maximum ratings table with maximum negative voltage and GND pin notes..... 6Changes from Revision B (September 2009) to Revision C Page• Corrected I voltage... 8SINKCopyright 1994–2017, Texas Instruments Incorporated Submit Documentation Feedback 3Product Folder Links: UC1842A UC1843A UC1844A UC1845A UC2842A UC2843A UC2844A UC2845A UC3842AUC3843A UC3844A UC3845AUC1842A,UC1843A,UC1844A,UC1845AUC2842A,UC2843A,UC2844A,UC2845AUC3842A,UC3843A,UC3844A,UC3845ASLUS224F–SEPTEMBER 1994–REVISED OCTOBER 2017 features: startup current• Automatic Feedforward Compensationis less than 0.5 mA, oscillator discharge is trimmed to• Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting8.3 mA, and during UVLO, the output stage can sink• Enhanced Load Response Characteristicsat least 10 mA at less than 1.2 V for V over 5 V.CC• Undervoltage Lockout With Hysteresis(1)Device Information• Double Pulse SuppressionPART NUMBER PACKAGE BODY SIZE (NOM)• High-Current Totem Pole OutputCDIP (8) 6.67 mm × 9.60 mmUC1842A, UC1843A,• Internally-Trimmed Bandgap ReferenceUC1844A, UC1845ALCCC (20) 8.89 mm × 8.89 mm• Up to 500-kHz OperationUC2843A PLCC (20) 8.96 mm × 8.96 mm• Create a Custom Design Using the UCx84xA WithPDIP (8) 6.35 mm × 9.81 mm®the WEBENCH Power Designer UC2842A, UC2843A,SOIC (8) 3.91 mm × 4.90 mmUC2844A, UC2845A,UC3842A, UC3843A,SOIC (14) 3.91 mm × 8.65 mm2 ApplicationsUC3844A, UC3845ASOIC (16) 7.50 mm × 10.30 mm• Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)(1) For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at• DC-DC Convertersthe end of the data sheet.• Power ModulesDevice Comparison Table• Industrial PSUMAX DUTY• Battery Operated PSUDEVICE UVLO ON UVLO OFFCYCLEUC1842A 16 V 10 V <100%UC1843A 8.4 V 7.6 V <100%UC1844A 16 V 10 V <50%UC1845A 8.4 V 7.6 V <50%Simplified Application DiagramVINVCC OUTPUTVREF ISENSEUC2843AFBRT/CTGND COMPCopyright 2017, Texas Instruments Incorporated1An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications,intellectual property matters and other important disclaimers. PRODUCTION DATA.UC1842A,UC1843A,UC1844A,UC1845AUC2842A,UC2843A,UC2844A,UC2845AUC3842A,UC3843A,UC3844A,UC3845ASLUS224F–SEPTEMBER 1994–REVISED OCTOBER 2017
UC2842ADTRG4 TI, Current Mode PWM Controller
UC2842ADW TI/BB,features: startup current• Automatic Feedforward Compensationis less than 0.5 mA, oscillator discharge is trimmed to• Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting ..
UC2842ADW UNITROD  ,Maximum Ratings.. 611 Device and Documentation Support........ 246.2 ESD Ratings........ 611.1 Device Support 246.3 Recommended Operating Conditions. ..

UC2842ADTR ,Current Mode PWM Controllerfeatures: startup current• Automatic Feedforward Compensationis less than 0.5 mA, oscillator discha ..
UC2842ADW ,Current Mode PWM ControllerSupport &Product Order Tools &TechnicalCommunityFolder Now Documents SoftwareUC1842A,UC1843A,UC1844 ..
UC2842ADWTR ,Current Mode PWM ControllerBlock Diagram... 1011.8 Glossary. 257.3 Feature Description.... 1012 Mechanical, Packaging, and Ord ..
UC2842ADWTRG4 ,Current Mode PWM Controller 16-SOIC -40 to 85Features... 1 8 Application and Implementation...... 148.1 Application Information........ 142 Appl ..
UC2842AJ ,Current Mode PWM ControllerFeatures, Application and Implementation and Device and DocumentationSupport........ 1• Added copyr ..
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