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SN65LVDT2DBVRG4 from TI, Texas Instruments 1338pcs , SOT-23,Dual LVDS Receiver
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Features 2 Applications1• Meets or Exceeds the ANSI TIA/EIA-644 Standard • Wireless Infrastructure(1)• Designed for Signaling Rates up to: • Telecom Infrastructure• Printer– 630 Mbps for Drivers– 400 Mbps for Receivers3 Description• Operates From a 2.4-V to 3.6-V SupplyThe SN65LVDS1, SN65LVDS2, and SN65LVDT2• Available in SOT-23 and SOIC Packagesdevices are single, low-voltage, differential line• Bus-Terminal ESD Exceeds 9 kVdrivers and receivers in the small-outline transistorpackage. The outputs comply with the TIA/EIA-644• Low-Voltage Differential Signaling With Typicalstandard and provide a minimum differential outputOutput Voltages of 350 mV Into a 100-Ω Loadvoltage magnitude of 247 mV into a 100-Ω load at• Propagation Delay Timessignaling rates up to 630 Mbps for drivers and 400– 1.7-ns Typical DriverMbps for receivers.– 2.5-ns Typical ReceiverWhen the SN65LVDS1 device is used with an LVDS• Power Dissipation at 200 MHzreceiver (such as the SN65LVDT2) in a point-to-pointconnection, data or clocking signals can be– 25 mW Typical Drivertransmitted over printed-circuit board traces or cables– 60 mW Typical Receiverat very high rates with very low electromagnetic• LVDT Receiver Includes Line Terminationemissions and power consumption. The packaging,low power, low EMI, high ESD tolerance, and wide• Low Voltage TTL (LVTTL) Level Driver Input Is 5-supply voltage range make the device ideal forV Tolerantbattery-powered applications.• Driver Is Output High-Impedance withV < 1.5 V The SN65LVDS1, SN65LVDS2, and SN65LVDT2CCdevices are characterized for operation from –40°C to• Receiver Output and Inputs are High-Impedance85°C.WithV <1.5VCC(1)• Receiver Open-Circuit Fail SafeDevice Information• Differential Input Voltage Threshold Less ThanPART NUMBER PACKAGE BODY SIZE (NOM)100 mVSOIC (8) 4.90 mm × 3.91 mmSN65LVDS1SOT (5) 2.90 mm × 1.60 mmSOIC (8) 4.90 mm × 3.91 mmSN65LVDS2SOT (5) 2.90 mm × 1.60 mmSOIC (8) 4.90 mm × 3.91 mmSN65LVDT2SOT (5) 2.90 mm × 1.60 mm(1) The signaling rate of a line is the number of voltage(1) For all available packages, see the orderable addendum attransitions that are made per second expressed in the unitsthe end of the data sheet.bps (bit per second)Simplified SchematicV VSUPPLY CCSN65LVDS1 SN65LVDT2V V Z B V VCC CC CC CC100WTraceD Y A RLVTTL LVTTLOut InNC NC NC NCGND GND NC NC GND GND1An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications,intellectual property matters and other important disclaimers. PRODUCTION DATA.SN65LVDS1,SN65LVDS2,SN65LVDT2SLLS373L–JULY 1999–REVISED DECEMBER 2014

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