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SN65LBC175DW from TI, Texas Instruments 5000pcs , SOP-16,Quadruple Low-Power Differential Line Receiver
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SN65LBC175DW TI N/a 5000

          SLLS171G − OCTOBER 1993 − REVISED MARCH2009D, DW, OR N PACKAGE Meets or Exceeds the EIA Standards(TOP VIEW)RS-422-A, RS-423-A, RS-485, and CCITTRecommendation V.111 161B VCC Designed to Operate With Pulse Durations2 154B1Aas Short as 20 ns3 14 4A1Y Designed for Multipoint Transmission on4 131,2EN 4YLong Bus Lines in Noisy Environments5 123,4EN2Y Input Sensitivity . . . ±200 mV6 112A 3Y7 10 Low-Power Consumption...20 mA Max 2B 3A8 93BGND Open-Circuit Fail-Safe Design Common-Mode Input Voltage Range of−7 V to 12 V Pin Compatible With SN75175 and LTC489 descriptionThe SN65LBC175 and SN75LBC175 are monolithic, quadruple, differential line receivers with 3-state outputsdesigned to meet the requirements of the EIA standards RS-422-A, RS-423-A, RS-485, and CCITTRecommendation V.11. The devices are optimized for balanced multipoint bus transmission at data rates upto and exceeding 10 million bits per second. The receivers are enabled in pairs, with an active-high enable input.Each differential receiver input

SN65LBC175DW ,Quadruple Low-Power Differential Line Receiver          SLLS171G − OCTOBER 1993 − REVISED ..
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