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NLAS4501DTT1 from ON, ON Semiconductor 3000pcs , SOT,SPST Analog Switch
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NLAS4501DTT1 ON N/a 3000

Maximum ratings applied to the device are individual stress limitvalues (not normal operating conditions) and are not valid simultaneously. If these limits are exceeded, device functional operation is not implied,damage may occur and reliability may be affected.1. Measured with minimum pad spacing on an FR4 board, using 10 mm−by−1 inch, 2−ounce copper trace with no air flow.2. Tested to EIA/JESD22−A114−A.3. Tested to EIA/JESD22−A115−A.4. Tested to JESD22−C101−A.5. Tested to EIA/JESD78.RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONSSymbol Characteristics Min Max UnitV Positive DC Supply Voltage 2.0 5.5 VCCV Digital Input Voltage (Enable) GND 5.5 VINV Static or Dynamic Voltage Across an Off Switch GND V VIO CCV Analog Input Voltage (NO, COM) GND V VIS CCT Operating Temperature Range, All Package Types −55 +125 °CAt , t Input Rise or Fall Time, V = 3.3 V + 0.3 V 0 100 ns/Vr f cc(Enable Input) V = 5.0 V + 0.5 V 0 20ccDEVICE JUNCTION TEMPERATURE VERSUS TIMETO 0.1% BOND FAILURESFAILURE RATE OF PLASTIC = CERAMICUNTIL INTERMETALLICS OCCURJunctionTemperature C Time, Hours Time, Years80 1,032,200 117.890 419,300 47.9100 178,700 20.4 1110 79,600 9.41 10 1001000120 37,000 4.2TIME, YEARS130 17,800 2.0Figure 2. Failure Rate vs. Time Junction Temperature140 8,900 1.0

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