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NLAS44599DTR2 from ON, ON Semiconductor 2502pcs , SOP,Dual DPDT Analog Switch
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NLAS44599DTR2 ON N/a 2502

and low ON resistances while maintaining CMOS low powerdissipation. This DPDT controls analog and digital voltages that mayvary across the full power−supply range (from V to GND).CC MARKINGThe device has been designed so the ON resistance (R ) is muchDIAGRAMSONlower and more linear over input voltage than R of typical CMOSON 1616analog switches.11ASThe channel select input is compatible with standard CMOS outputs.C4459The channel select input structure provides protection whenALYWQFN−16ALYWvoltages between 0 V and 5.5 V are applied, regardless of the supplyMN SUFFIXvoltage. This input structure helps prevent device destruction caused CASE 485GCurrent Previousby supply voltage − input/output voltage mismatch, battery backup,Part Marking Part Marking*hot insertion, etc.The NLAS44599 can also be used as a quad 2−to−1 multiplexer−demultiplexer analog switch with two Select pins that each controls*Previous releases of this device may be marked astwo multiplexer−demultiplexers.shown in this diagram.• Channel Select Input Over−Voltage Tolerant to 5.5 V• Fast Switching and Propagation Speeds16 9• Break−Before−Make Circuitry16NLAS1• Low Power Dissipation: I = 2 A (Max) at T = 25°C4459CC AALYW• Diode Protection Provided on Channel Select InputTSSOP−16DT SUFFIX• Improved Linearity and Lower ON Resistance over Input Voltage18CASE 948F• Latch−up Performance Exceeds 300 mA• ESD Performance: Human Body Model; > 2000 V,Machine Model; > 200 VA = Assembly LocationL = Wafer Lot• Chip Complexity: 158 FETsY = YearW = Work WeekORDERING INFORMATIONSee detailed ordering and shipping information in the packagedimensions section on page 10 of this data sheet. Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 20041 Publication Order Number:December, 2004 − Rev. 12 NLAS44599/D12 11 10 9NLAS44599QFN−16 PACKAGEFUNCTION TABLESelect AB or CD On ChannelL NC to COMH NO to COM16 15 14 13NC A COM D1SABSee TSSOP−16NO D0Switch ConfigurationNO BSCD0COM B NC C1SELECT AB X10NO A01NC A1COM A 0/12NO B0TSSOP−16 PACKAGE3COM B2/3 NC B1SELECT CD X10NO C0NO A116 V0 CC1NC C1COM C0/1COM A 2 15 NC D12NO D0COM D2/33 NC D13 14NC A COM D1Figure 2. IEC Logic SymbolSELECT AB 4 13NO D0NO B 5 SELECT CD0 12COM B 6 11 NC C1NC B71 10 COM C8GND 9 NO C0Figure 1.

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