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MC33993DWBR2 from FREESCALE, 1pcs , SOIC32,Multiple Switch Detection Interface
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Features DWB SUFFIX• Designed to Operate 5.5 V ≤ V ≤ 26 V CASE 1324PWR32-LEAD SOICW• Switch Input Voltage Range -14 V to V , 40 V MaxPWR• Interfaces Directly to Microprocessor Using 3.3 V/5.0 V SPI Protocol• Selectable Wake-Up on Change of StateORDERING INFORMATION• Selectable Wetting Current (16 mA or 2.0 mA)Temperature Device Package• 8 Programmable Inputs (Switches to Battery or Ground)Range (T )A• 14 Switch-to-Ground Inputs MC33993DWB/R2 -40°C to 125°C 32 SOICW•V Standby Current 100 µA Typical, V Standby Current 20 µA TypicalPWR DD• Active Interrupt (INT) on Change-of-Switch State33993 Simplified Application DiagramVDDPower SupplyVBATLVIVBAT 33993MCUEnableSP0VPWRWatchdogSP1VDDResetVBATVDDSP7WAKESI MOSISCLKSG0 SCLKSG1 CS CSSO MISOINT INTAMUXAN0SG12GNDSG13This document contains certain information on a new product.Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. Motorola, Inc. 2003 5.0 VVPWRV VSP0PWR PWRV , V , 5.0 V VPWR DD PWR16.0 2.0POR VDDmA mABandgapGNDSleep PWRSP0To +SP1 4.0 V16.0 2.0–SPI RefmA mAComparatorSP2SP3SP4V V SP7PWR PWRSP516.0 2.05.0 VmA mASP6Oscillator SP7VPWRandTo + Clock Control4.0 V16.0 2.0–SPI RefmA mAComparator5.0 VTemperature5.0 VMonitor and V V SG0 5.0 VPWR PWRControl16.0 2.0 125 kΩVPWRmA mA5.0 VSG0WAKE To +SG14.0 V–SPI RefWAKE ControlComparatorSG2VDDSG3SPI Interface125 kΩand ControlSG4INTSG5INT ControlSG6VDDSG7MUX Interface40 µASG8CSSG9SCLKVDDSISG10SOV V SG13PWR PWRSG1116.0 2.0mA mASG12VDDAnalog MuxSG13Output+AMUXTo +4.0 V– –SPI RefComparator Figure 1. 33993 Simplified Internal

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