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LM3999Z from NS , National Semiconductor 18pcs , ,Precision Reference
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LM3999Z NS N/a 18

Featuresrange with essentially no change in voltage or temperaturecoefficient. Further, a new subsurface zener structure givesn Guaranteed 0.0001%/˚C temperature coefficientlow noise and excellent long term stability compared to ordi-n Low dynamic impedance — 0.5Ωnary monolithic zeners. The package is supplied with a ther-n Initial tolerance on breakdown voltage — 2%mal shield to minimize heater power and improve tempera-n Sharp breakdown at 400 μAture regulation.n Wide operating current — 500 μA to 10 mAThe LM199 series references are exceptionally easy to usen Wide supply range for temperature stabilizerand free of the problems that are often experienced with or-n Guaranteed low noisedinary zeners. There is virtually no hysteresis in referencen Low power for stabilization — 300 mW at 25˚Cvoltage with temperature cycling. Also, the LM199 is free ofn Long term stability — 20 ppmvoltage shifts due to stress on the leads. Finally, since then Proven reliability, low-stress packaging in TO-46unit is temperature stabilized, warm up time is fast.integrated-circuit hermetic package, for low hysteresisThe LM199 can be used in almost any application in place of=after thermal cycling. 33 million hours MTBF at TAordinary zeners with improved performance. Some ideal ap-+25˚C (T = +86˚C)Jplications are analog to digital converters, calibration stan-n Certified long term stability availabledards, precision voltage or current sources or precisionn MIL-STD-883 compliantpower supplies. Further in many cases the LM199 can re-place references in existing equipment with a minimum ofwiring changes.Connection DiagramsMetal Can Package (TO-46) Plastic Package TO-92DS005717-10DS005717-14 Bottom ViewLM3999 (See Table on fourth page)Top ViewNS Package Number Z03ALM199/LM299/LM399 (See Table on fourth page)NS Package Number H04D 1999 National Semiconductor Corporation DS005717 Functional
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LM3999Z ,Precision ReferenceFeaturesrange with essentially no change in voltage or temperaturecoefficient. Further, a new subsu ..
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