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LM396K from NS, National Semiconductor 5pcs , TO-3,10 amp adjustable voltage regulator
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Applications*ForbestTCofV ,R1shouldbewirewoundaR1 R2 OUTe aV (1.25V) I (R2) or metal film, 1% or better.OUT ADJR1# J**R2 should be same type as R1, with TC track-ing of 30 ppm/ C or better.§²C1 is necessary only if main filter capacitor ismore than 6× away, assuming Ý18 or largerleads.²²C2isnotabsolutelynecessary,butissuggest-ed to lower high frequency output impedance.Output capacitors in the range of 1 mFto1000 mF of aluminum or tantalum electrolyticare commonly used to provide improved out-put impedance and rejection of transients.ÊC3 improves ripple rejection, output imped-ance, and noise. C2 should be 1 mF or largerclose to the regulator if C3 is used.TL/H/9059–1FIGURE1.Basic1.25Vto15VRegulatorC1995NationalSemiconductorCorporation TL/H/9059 RRD-B30M115/PrintedinU.S.A.AbsoluteMaximumRatingsb aIf Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, StorageTemperature 65Cto 150 C§ §please contact the National Semiconductor SalesLeadTemperature(Soldering,10seconds) 300§COffice/Distributors for availability and specifications.ESD rating to be determinedPowerDissipation InternallyLimitedInput-OutputVoltageDifferential 20VOperating Junction Temperature Rangeb aLM196ControlSection 55Cto 150 C§ §b aPowerTransistor 55Cto 200 C§ §aLM396ControlSection 0Cto 125 C§ §aPowerTransistor 0Cto 175 C§ §ElectricalCharacteristics (Note1)LM196 LM396Parameter Conditions UnitsMin Typ Max Min Typ MaxeReferenceVoltage I 10mA 1.24 1.25 1.26 1.23 1.25 1.27 VOUTs sbReferenceVoltage V (V V ) 20V 1.22 1.25 1.28 1.21 1.25 1.29 VMIN IN OUTs s(Note2) 10mA I 10A,P POUT MAXFullTemperatureRanges sLineRegulation V (V b V ) 20V 0.005 0.01 0.005 0.02 %/VMIN IN OUT(Note3) FullTemperatureRange 0.05 0.05 %/Vs sLoadRegulation 10mA I 10A 0.1 0.1 %/AOUTs b s sLM196/LM396 V V V 10V,P PMIN IN OUT MAX(Note4) FullTemperatureRange 0.15 0.15 %/Ae eRippleRejection C 25mF,f 120Hz 60 74 66 74 dBADJ(Note5) FullTemperatureRange 54 54 dBb e eThermalRegulation V V 5V,I 10A 0.003 0.005 0.003 0.015 %/WIN OUT OUT(Note6)s sAverageOutputVoltage T T T 0.003 0.003 %/§CjMIN j jMAXTemperatureCoefficient (SeeCurvesforLimits)AdjustmentPinCurrent 50 100 50 100 mAs sAdjustmentPinCurrent 10mA I 10A 3 3 mAOUTs sChange(Note7) 3V V b V 20VIN OUTsP P ,FullTemperatureRangeMAXs b sMinimumLoadCurrent 2.5V (V V ) 20V 10 10 mAIN OUT(Note9) FullTemperatureRanges b sCurrentLimit 2.5 (V V 7V 10 14 20 10 14 20 AIN OUTb e(Note8) V V 20V 1.5 3 8 1.5 3 8 AIN OUTs sRmsOutputNoise 10Hz f 10kHz 0.001 0.001 %VOUTe eLongTermStability T 125§C,t 1000Hours 0.3 1.0 0.3 1.0 %jThermalResistance ControlCircuitry 0.3 0.5 0.3 0.5 §C/WJunctiontoCase PowerTransistor 1.0 1.2 1.0 1.2 C/W§(Note10)2ElectricalCharacteristics (Note1)(Continued)LM196 LM396Parameter Conditions UnitsMin Typ Max Min Typ Maxs sPowerDissipation(P ) 7.0V V b V 12V 70 100 70 100 WMAX IN OUTb e(Note11) V V 15V 50 50 WIN OUTV b V e 18V 36 36 WIN OUTeDrop-OutVoltage I 10A, 2.1 2.5 2.1 2.5 VOUTLM196/LM396 FullTemperatureRange 2.75 2.75e b e eNote 1: Unless otherwise stated, these specifications apply for T 25 C, V V 5V, I 10 mA to 10A.j § IN OUT OUTNote 2: This is a worst-case specification which includes all effects due to input voltage, output current, temperature, and power dissipation. Maximum power(P ) is specified under
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