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KA1H0380RBTU from FAIRCHILD, Fairchild Semiconductor 99pcs , TO-220F-4L,RECOMMEND NEW DEVICE KA5H0380R
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Block Diagram#3 VCC#2 DRAIN32V5V InternalSFETVref biasGoodlogicOSC9VSQ5µ A1mAR−#4 FBL.E.B 2.5R+1R0.1V+S #1 GND7.5V −QR+ Thermal S/DPower on reset−25VOVER VOLTAGE S/DRev.1.0.32003 Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationKA1L0380B/KA1L0380RB/KA1M0380RB/KA1H0380RBAbsolute Maximum RatingsParameter Symbol Value Unit(1)Maximum Drain Voltage V 800 VD,MAXDrain-Gate Voltage (R =1MΩ)V 800 VGS DGRGate-Source (GND) Voltage V ±30 VGS(2)Drain Current Pulsed I 12 ADM DC (3)Single Pulsed Avalanche Energy E 95 mJAS(4)Avalanche Current I 10 AASContinuous Drain Current (T =25°C) I 3.0 AC D DCContinuous Drain Current (T =100°C) I 2.1 AC D DCMaximum Supply Voltage V 30 VCC,MAXInput Voltage Range V -0.3 to V VFB SDP 35 WDTotal Power DissipationDarting 0.28 W/°COperating Ambient Temperature T -25 to +85 °CAStorage Temperature T -55 to +150 °CSTGNotes:1. T = 25°C to 150°Cj2. Repetitive rating: Pulse width limited by maximum junction temperature3. L = 51mH, VDD = 50V, RG = 25Ω , starting Tj = 25°C4. L = 13µ H, starting T = 25°Cj2KA1L0380B/KA1L0380RB/KA1M0380RB/KA1H0380RB

KA1H0380RBTU ,RECOMMEND NEW DEVICE KA5H0380RBlock Diagram#3 VCC#2 DRAIN32V5V InternalSFETVref biasGoodlogicOSC9VSQ5µ A1mAR−#4 FBL.E.B 2.5R+1R ..
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