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K3010P 120pcs , DIP6,Optocouplers
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K3010P from VISHAY, Vishay 9840pcs , DIP-6,Optocouplers
K3010P from VIS, 55pcs,Optocouplers

Electrical CharacteristicsT = 25 °C, unless otherwise specifiedambMinimum and maximum values are testing requirements. Typical values are characteristics of the device and are the result of engineeringevaluation. Typical values are for information only and are not part of the testing requirements.InputParameter Test condition Symbol Min Typ. Max UnitForward voltage I = 50 mA V 1.25 1.6 VF FJunction capacitance V = 0, f = 1 MHz C 50 pFR jOutputParameter Test condition Symbol Min Typ. Max Unit1)Forward peak off-state voltage I = 100 nA 250 VDRM V DRM(repetitive)Peak on-state voltage I = 100 mA V 1.5 3 VTM TMCritical rate of rise of off-state I = 0, I = 30 mA dV/dt 10 V/µsFT FT crvoltagedV/dt 0.1 0.2 V/µscrq1) Test voltage must be applied within dV/dt ratingsCouplerParameter Test condition Part Symbol Min Typ. Max UnitEmitting diode trigger current V = 3 V, R = 150 Ω K3010P I 815 mAS L FTK3010PG I 815 mAFTK3011P I 510 mAFTK3011PG I 510 mAFTK3012P I 25 mAFTK3012PG I 25 mAFTHolding current I = 10 mA, V ≥ 3 V I 100µAF S HNote: I is defined as a minimum trigger currentFTRSTest condition:dV/dtcrV = 2/3 VS DRM(Sine wave)R =33kV~LI dV/dtFT crqV =30VeffRL(Sine wave)R =2kL95 10813Figure 1. Test circuit for dV/dt and dV/dtcr crqDocument Number 83504 Applications 400 VRMS)VDE 0804MonitorsAir conditioners Telecommunication apparatus and data processingIEC 60065Line SwitchesSolid state relay Safety for mains-operated electronic and related household appa-ratusMicrowaveCircuits for safe protective separation against electri-cal shock according to safety class II (reinforced iso-lation): For appl. class I - IV at mains voltage ≤ 300 VDocument Number 83504 Rev. 1.7, 26-Oct-04 3K3010P/ K3010PG SeriesVishay Semiconductors95 10814I ≥ IF FTI =0Fdv/dt dv/dtcrq crdv/dt Highest value of the “rate of rise of off-state voltage” which does not cause any switching from thecroff-state to the on-statedv/dt Highest value of the “rate of rise of communicating voltage” which does not switch on the device again,crqafter the voltage has decreased to zero and the trigger current is switched from I to zeroFTFigure 2. 270+5 VMVAC ~0.1 µFTTLGalvanic separation95 10815Figure 3. Motor control circuitMaximum Safety Ratings(according to DIN EN 60747-5-2(VDE0884)/ DIN EN 60747-5-5 pending) see figure 1 This optocoupler is suitable for safe electrical isolation only within the safety ratings. Compliance with the safety ratings shall be ensured by means of suitable protective circuits.InputParameter Test condition Symbol Min Typ. Max UnitForward current I 130 mAS, INPUTOutputParameter Test condition Symbol Min Typ. Max UnitPower dissipation P 600 mWS, OUTPUT
K3010PG VISHAY, Document Number 835044 Rev. 1.7, 26-Oct-04K3010P/ K3010PG SeriesVishay SemiconductorsCouplerParameter Test condition Symbol Min Typ. Max UnitRated t ..

K3010P ,OptocouplersRev. 1.7, 26-Oct-04 3K3010P/ K3010PG SeriesVishay Semiconductors95 10814I ≥ IF FTI =0Fdv/dt dv/dtcr ..
K3010PG ,Optocouplersabsolute Maximum Ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. Functional operation of the devi ..
K3011 ,Optocoupler with Phototriac OutputAbsolute Maximum RatingsInput (Emitter)Parameter Test Conditions Symbol Value UnitReverse voltage V ..
K3011P ,OptocouplersRev. 1.7, 26-Oct-04 1K3010P/ K3010PG SeriesVishay SemiconductorsOrder InformationPart RemarksK3010P ..
K3012 ,Optocoupler with Phototriac OutputElectrical Characteristics (T = 25°C)ambInput (Emitter)Parameter Test Conditions Symbol Min. Typ. M ..
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