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HCPL2530 from AGILENT, Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) 600pcs , SOP-8P,Dual Channel/ High Speed Optocouplers
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HCPL2530 AGILENT N/a 600
HCPL2530 from HP, 45pcs , SOP-8P,Dual Channel/ High Speed Optocouplers
HCPL2530 from AGELENT, 50pcs,Dual Channel/ High Speed Optocouplers
HCPL2530 from FSC, Fairchild Semiconductor 5029pcs , DIP,Dual Channel/ High Speed Optocouplers

Applications Description• 15 kV/μs Minimum Common • Line Receivers – High These dual channel optocouplersMode Transient Immunity at Common Mode Transient contain a pair of light emittingV = 1500 V Immunity (>1000 V/μs) and diodes and integrated photodetec-CM(HCPL-4534/0534) Low Input-Output Capacitance tors with electrical insulation(0.6 pF) between input and output.• High Speed: 1 Mb/sSeparate connection for the• High Speed Logic Ground• TTL Compatiblephotodiode bias and outputIsolation – TTL/TTL, TTL/• Available in 8 Pin DIP, SO-8,transistor collectors increase theLTTL, TTL/CMOS, TTL/LSTTLand 8 Pin DIP – Gull Wingspeed up to a hundred times that• Replace Pulse TransformersSurface Mount (Option 020)of a conventional phototransistor– Save Board Space and WeightPackagescoupler by reducing the base-• Analog Signal Ground• High Density Packagingcollector capacitance.Isolation – Integrated Photon• 3 MHz BandwidthDetector Provides Improved• Open Collector OutputsLinearity over Phototransistor• Guaranteed PerformanceTypefrom 0°C to 70°C• Polarity Sensing• Safety Approval• Isolated Analog Amplifier –UL Recognized – 2500 V rmsDual Channel Packagingfor 1 minute (5000 V rms forEnhances Thermal Tracking1 minute for Option 020) perUL1577CSA Approved Functional Diagram• Single Channel VersionANODE 1 8 V1 CCAvailable (4502/3, 0452/3)TRUTH TABLE(POSITIVE LOGIC)• MIL-STD-1772 VersionCATHODE 2 7 V1 O1LED V O Available (55XX/65XX/4N55)ON LOW6 OFF HIGHCATHODE 3 V2 O2ANODE 4 5 GND2A 0.1 μF bypass capacitor between pins 5 and 8 is recommended.CAUTION: It is advised that normal static precautions be taken in handling and assembly of this component toprevent damage and/or degradation which may be induced by ESD.2These dual channel optocouplers The SO-8 does not require The HCPL-2531/0531 is designedare available in an 8 Pin DIP and “through holes” in a PCB. This for high speed TTL/TTLin an industry standard SO-8 package occupies approximately applications. A standard 16 mApackage. The following is a cross one-third the footprint area of the TTL sink current through thereference table listing the 8 Pin standard dual-in-line package. input LED will provide enoughDIP part number and the The lead profile is designed to be output current for 1 TTL load andelectrically equivalent SO-8 part compatible with standard surface a 5.6 kΩ pull-up resistor. CTR ofnumber. mount processes. the HCPL-2531/0531 is 19%minimum at I = 16 mA.F SO-8 The HCPL-2530/0530 is for use in 8 Pin DIP Package TTL/CMOS, TTL/LSTTL or wide The HCPL-4534/0534 is anHCPL-2530 HCPL-0530 bandwidth analog Dual Channel, High SpeedOptocouplersTechnical DataHCPL-2530 HCPL-0530HCPL-2531 HCPL-0531HCPL-4534 HCPL-0534FEATURES• High speed-1 MBit/s• Superior CMR-10 kV/µs• Dual-Channel HCPL-2530/HCPL-2531• Double working voltage-480V RMS• CTR guaranteed 0-70°C• U.L. recognized (File # E90700)

HCPL2530 ,Dual Channel/ High Speed OptocouplersFEATURES• High speed-1 MBit/s• Superior CMR-10 kV/µs• Dual-Channel HCPL-2530/HCPL-2531• Double wor ..
HCPL-2530 ,HIGH SPEED TRANSISTOR OPTOCOUPLERSapplications. A HCPL-4502, HCPL-0452, andconfigurations. standard 16 mA TTL sink current HCNW4502 o ..
HCPL-2530S ,8-Pin DIP 1Mbit/s Dual-Channel High Speed Transistor Output OptocouplerAPPLICATIONS• Line receivers • Pulse transformer replacement• Output interface to CMOS-LSTTL-TTL• W ..
HCPL-2530SDV ,8-Pin DIP 1Mbit/s Dual-Channel High Speed Transistor Output Optocoupler HIGH SPEEDTRANSISTOR OPTOCOUPLERSSINGLE-CHANNEL: 6N135 6N136 HCPL-2503 HCPL-4502DUAL-CHA ..
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