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HCPL-0900 from AGILENT, Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) 4pcs , DIP8 , Alternate PN:HCPL0900,HCPL-0900 · High Speed Digital Isolator
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Features• +3.3V and +5V TTL/CMOScompatible• 3 ns max. pulse width distortion• 6 ns max. propagation delay skew• 15 ns max. propagation delayDescription• High speed: 100 MBdtional (HCPL-900J/-090J), twoThe HCPL-90xx and HCPL-09xxchannels in one direction andCMOS digital isolators feature• 15 kV/µ s min. common modetwo channels in opposite direc-high speed performance andrejectiontion (HCPL-901J/-091J), and oneexcellent transient immunity• Tri-state outputchannel in one direction andspecifications. The symmetric(HCPL-9000/-0900)three channels in oppositemagnetic coupling barrier givesdirection (HCPL-902J/-092J).these devices a typical pulse• 2500 V RMS isolationThese high channel density makewidth distortion of 2 ns, a typical• UL1577 and IEC 61010-1 approvedthem ideally suited to isolatingpropagation delay skew of 4 nsdata conversion devices, paralleland 100 Mbaud data rate, makingbuses and peripheral interfaces.them the industry’s fastest

HCPL-0900 ,HCPL-0900 · High Speed Digital IsolatorFeatures• +3.3V and +5V TTL/CMOScompatible• 3 ns max. pulse width distortion• 6 ns max. propagation ..
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HCPL-090J ,HCPL-090J · High Speed Digital IsolatorApplicationsdigital isolators.• Digital fieldbus isolationThey are available in 8-pin PDIP,8-pin Gu ..
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