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HCPL-0738 from AGILENT, Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) 2pcs , Alternate PN:HCPL0738,HCPL-0738 · HCPL-0738 High Speed CMOS Optocoupler
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HCPL-0738 from HP, 3153pcs , SO-8 , Alternate PN:HCPL0738,HCPL-0738 · HCPL-0738 High Speed CMOS Optocoupler

Features• 15 ns typical pulse widthdistortion• 40 ns maximum prop. delay skewDescription• 20 ns typical prop. delayThe HCPL-0738 is a dual-channel Agilent also offers the same• High speed: 15 MBd15 MBd CMOS optocoupler in performance in the single channel• + 5 V CMOS compatibilitySOIC-8 package. The HCPL-0738 version, HCPL-0708. Eachoptocoupler utilizes the latest CMOS detector incorporates an• 10 kV/µ S minimum common modeIC technology to achieve out- integrated photodiode, a highrejectionstanding performance with very low speed transimpedance amplifier,• –40 to 100˚C temperature rangepower consumption. Basic building and a voltage comparator with an• Safety and regulatory approvalsblocks of HCPL-0738 are high output driver.–UL recognized (3750 V rms forspeed LEDs and CMOS detector ICs.1 minute per UL 1577)–CSA component acceptancenotice #5.Functional Diagram –IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-2approved for HCPL-0738Option 060Truth Table1 8ANODE 1 VDDLED V , OutputOAgilent HCPL-0738High Speed CMOS OptocouplerData Sheet

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