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FF1110 298pcs , BGA
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FF1110 N/a 298

FF150R12KE3G , 62mm C-series module with the trench/fieldstop IGBT3 and Emcon High Efficiency diode
FF150R12KS4 , 62mm C-Series module with the fast IGBT2 for high-frequency switching
FF150R12ME3G , EconoDUAL module with trench/fieldstop IGBT3 and EmCon High Efficiency diode
FF150R12RT4 , 34mm Module with fast Trench/Feldstopp IGBT4 and Emitter Controlled 4 diode
FF150R12YT3 , IGBT-modules
FS8853-15CC , 300mA LDO Linear Regulator
FS8853-18CI , 300mA LDO Linear Regulator
FS8853-25CL , 300mA LDO Linear Regulator
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