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FDMS2572 from VISHAY, Vishay 15946pcs , NA,150V N-Channel UltraFET Trench MOSFET
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FDMS2572 VISHAY N/a 15946
FDMS2572 from FAIRCHIL, Fairchild Semiconductor 1463pcs , QFN,150V N-Channel UltraFET Trench MOSFET
FDMS2572 from FAIRCHILD, Fairchild Semiconductor 4455pcs , QFN,150V N-Channel UltraFET Trench MOSFET

General Description„ Max r = 47mΩ at V = 10V, I = 4.5AUItraFET devices combine characteristics that enable DS(on) GS Dbenchmark efficiency in power conversion applications. „ Max r = 53mΩ at V = 6V, I = 4.5ADS(on) GS DOptimized for r , low ESR, low total and Miller gate charge, DS(on)„ Low Miller Chargethese devices are ideal for high frequency DC to DC converters.„ Optimized efficiency at high frequenciesApplication„ UIS Capability (Single pulse and Repetitive pulse)„ Distributed Power Architectures and VRMs„ RoHS Compliant„ Primary Switch for 24V and 48V Systems„ High Voltage Synchronous RectifierS S S GPin 1D G5 4SD6 37 2 SDD 8 1 SD D D DPower 56 (Bottom view)MOSFET Maximum Ratings T = 25°C unless otherwise noted A Symbol Parameter Ratings UnitsV Drain to Source Voltage 150 VDSV Gate to Source Voltage ±20 VGSDrain Current -Continuous (Package limited) T = 25°C 27C -Continuous (Silicon limited) T = 25°C 27AC ID -Continuous T = 25°C (Note 1a) 4.5A -Pulsed 30E Single Pulse Avalanche Energy (Note 3) 150 mJASPower Dissipation T = 25°C 78CP WDPower Dissipation T = 25°C (Note 1a) 2.5AT , T Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range -55 to +150 °CJ STGThermal CharacteristicsR Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case 1.6θJC°C/WR Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient (Note 1a) 50θJAPackage Marking and Ordering InformationDevice Marking Device Package Reel Size Tape Width QuantityFDMS2572 FDMS2572 Power 56 13’’ 12mm 3000 units12012 Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationFDMS2572 Rev.C4®FDMS2572 N-Channel UltraFET Trench MOSFET®FDMS2572 N-Channel UltraFET Trench MOSFETDecember 2012FDMS2572 ®N-Channel UltraFET Trench MOSFET 150V, 27A, 47mΩ

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