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FDMC8878 from FAIRCHILD, Fairchild Semiconductor 2689pcs , QFN,30V N-Channel Power Trench?MOSFET
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FDMC8878 from FAI, Fairchild Semiconductor 1456pcs , DFN8,30V N-Channel Power Trench?MOSFET

applications. RoHS Compliant Application DC - DC ConversionBottomTopD DD D8 6 57GD 5 4D S6 3D 7 2SG S S D SS 8 112 3 4 Pin 1MLP 3.3x3.3MOSFET Maximum Ratings T = 25°C unless otherwise noted A Symbol Parameter Ratings UnitsV Drain to Source Voltage 30 VDSV Gate to Source Voltage ±20 VGSDrain Current -Continuous (Package limited) T = 25°C 16.5C -Continuous (Silicon limited) T = 25°C 38C I AD -Continuous T = 25°C (Note 1a) 9.6A -Pulsed 60Power Dissipation T = 25°C 31CP WDPower Dissipation T = 25°C (Note 1a) 2.1AT , T Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range -55 to +150 °CJ STGThermal CharacteristicsR Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case 4JC°C/WR Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient (Note 1a) 60JAPackage Marking and Ordering InformationDevice Marking Device Package Reel Size Tape Width QuantityFDMC8878 FDMC8878 MLP 3.3X3.3 13 ” 12 mm 3000 units12012 Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationFDMC8878 Rev.D4®FDMC8878 N-Channel Power Trench MOSFET General Description Max r = 14m at V = 10V, I = 9.6AThis N-Channel MOSFET is a rugged gate version of DS(on) GS DFairchild Semiconductor‘s advanced Power Trench  Max r = 17m at V = 4.5V, I = 8.7ADS(on) GS Dprocess. It has been optimized for power management  Low Profile - 0.8 mm max in MLP 3.3X3.3
FDMC8878(30V/16.5A) FAI
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FDMC8878 ,30V N-Channel Power Trench?MOSFETGeneral Description Max r = 14m at V = 10V, I = 9.6AThis N-Channel MOSFET is a rugged gate ..
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