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FDMA520PZ from FAIRCHIL, Fairchild Semiconductor 2400pcs , MicroFET,-20V Single P-Channel PowerTrench?MOSFET
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applications.„ Free from halogenated compounds and antimony oxides„ RoHS Compliant Pin 1GD DBottom Drain ContactD 1 6DDrainSourceD 2 5D43GSD D SMicroFET 2X2 (Bottom View) MOSFET Maximum Ratings T = 25°C unless otherwise notedASymbol Parameter Ratings UnitsV Drain to Source Voltage –20 VDSV Gate to Source Voltage ±12 VGSDrain Current -Continuous (Note 1a) –7.3I AD -Pulsed –24Power Dissipation (Note 1a) 2.4P WDPower Dissipation (Note 1b) 0.9T , T Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range –55 to +150 °CJ STGThermal CharacteristicsR Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient (Note 1a) 52T JA°C/WR Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient (Note 1b) 145T JAPackage Marking and Ordering InformationDevice Marking Device Package Reel Size Tape Width Quantity520 FDMA520PZ MicroFET 2X2 7’’ 8mm 3000 units12009 Fairchild Semiconductor CorporationFDMA520PZ Rev.B2®FDMA520PZ Single P-Channel PowerTrench MOSFET

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