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DAC813KU from BB, 210pcs , SOP,Microprocessor-Compatible 12-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER
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DAC813KU BB N/a 210

DAC813DAC813®DAC813Microprocessor-Compatible12-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTERconverter with voltage output operational amplifier.
DAC8143FP PMI,CHARACTERISTICSRange specified under Absolute Maximum Ratings, unless otherwise noted.)Parameter Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max UnitsSTATIC ACCURACYRe ..

DAC813KU ,Microprocessor-Compatible 12-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTERDAC813DAC813®DAC813Microprocessor-Compatible12-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTERconverter with voltag ..
DAC8143FP ,12-Bit Serial Daisy-Chain CMOS D/A Converterfeatures serial data input and buffered serial dataoutput. It was designed for multiple serial DAC ..
DAC8143FS ,12-Bit Serial Daisy-Chain CMOS D/A ConverterCHARACTERISTICS(@ V = +5 V; V = +10 V; V = V = V = V = 0 V; T = FullDD REF OUT1 0UT2 AGND DGND ATem ..
DAC8143FS ,12-Bit Serial Daisy-Chain CMOS D/A ConverterFEATURESFUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAMFast, Flexible, Microprocessor Interfacing in SeriallyVControlled S ..
DAC8143FS ,12-Bit Serial Daisy-Chain CMOS D/A ConverterCHARACTERISTICSSerial Input to Strobe Setup Times t STB Used as the Strobe 50 nsDS1 1 (t = 80 ns) t ..
DM5486J ,Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR GatesFeaturesYAlternate Military/Aerospace device (5486) is available.This device contains four independ ..
DM5493AJ ,7 V, decade and binary counterFeatures I Typical power dissipation - 90A 145 mW - 93A 130 mW I Count frequency 42 MHz I Alte ..
DM54L04J ,Hex Inverting GateDM54L04HexInvertingGateJuly1989DM54L04HexInvertingGateGeneralDescriptionThis device contains six in ..
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