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DAC716PB from BB, 8pcs , DIP,16-Bit DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER with Serial Data Interface
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DAC716PB from TI,TI, Texas Instruments 5pcs , N/A,16-Bit DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER with Serial Data Interface

FEATURES: DESCRIPTIONl SERIAL DIGITAL INTERFACE The DAC716 is a complete monolithic D/A converterincluding a +10V temperature compensated voltagel VOLTAGE OUTPUT: 0 to +10Vreference, current-to-voltage amplifier, a high-speedl ±2 LSB INTEGRAL LINEARITYsynchronous serial interface, a serial output whichl PRECISION INTERNAL REFERENCE allows cascading multiple converters, and an asyn-chronous clear function which immediately sets thel LOW NOISE: 120nV/√Hz Including Referenceoutput voltage to zero.l 16-LEAD PLASTIC SKINNY DIP AND PLASTICThe output voltage range is 0 to +10V while operatingSOIC PACKAGESfrom ±12V to ±15V supplies, and the gain and bipolaroffset adjustments are designed so that they can be setvia external potentiometers or external D/A convert-ers. The output amplifier is protected against short-circuiting to ground.The 16-pin DAC716 is available in a plastic 0.3" DIPand a wide-body plastic SOIC package. The DAC716P,U, PB, and UB are specified over the –40°C to +85°Crange while the DAC716UK and PK are specifiedover the 0°C to +70°C range.A0Input Shift Register SDOA116SDICLKD/A LatchCLR1616-Bit D/A ConverterReferenceVOUTCircuitOffset AdjustGain VREF OUTAdjust +10VInternational Airport Industrial Park • Mailing Address: PO Box 11400, Tucson, AZ 85734 • Street Address: 6730 S. Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85706 • Tel: (520) 746-1111 • Twx: 910-952-1111Internet: http://www.burr-brown.com/ • FAXLine: (800) 548-6133 (US/Canada Only) • Cable: BBRCORP • Telex: 066-6491 • FAX: (520) 889-1510 • Immediate Product Info: (800) 548-6132 1996 Burr-Brown Corporation PDS-1324B Printed in U.S.A. March, 1998SBAS049SPECIFICATIONSAt T = +25°C, +V = +15V, –V = –15V, unless otherwise noted.A CC CCDAC716P, U DAC716PB, UB DAC716PK, UKPARAMETER MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX MIN TYP MAX UNITSTRANSFER CHARACTERISTICSACCURACYLinearity Error ±4 ±2 ±2 LSBT to T ±8 ±4 ±2 LSBMIN MAXDifferential Linearity Error ±4 ±2 ±2 LSBT to T ±8 ±4 ±2 LSBMIN MAXMonotonicity 14 15 15 BitsMonotonicity Over Spec Temp Range 13 14 15 Bits(3)Gain Error ±0.1 [[%T to T ±0.25 [[%MIN MAX(3) (2)Unipolar Zero Error ±0.1 [[ % of FSRT to T ±0.2 [[ % of FSRMIN MAXPower Supply Sensitivity of Gain ±0.003 [[ %FSR/%VCC±30 [[ ppm FSR/%VCCDYNAMIC PERFORMANCESettling Time(4)(to ±0.003%FSR, 5kW || 500pF Load)20V Output Step 6 10 [[ [ [ μs(5)1LSB Output Step 4 [[ μsOutput Slew Rate 10 [[ V/μsTotal Harmonic Distortion0dB, 1001Hz, f = 100kHz 0.005 [[ %S–20dB, 1001Hz, f = 100kHz 0.03 [[ %S–60dB, 1001Hz, f = 100kHz 3.0 [[ %SSINAD: 1001Hz, f = 100kHz 87 [[ dBS(5)Digital Feedthrough 2 [[ nV–s(5)Digital-to-Analog Glitch Impulse 15 [[ nV–sOutput Noise Voltage (includes reference) 120 [[ nV/√HzANALOG OUTPUTOutput Voltage Range+V , –V = ±11.4V +10 [[ VCC CCOutput Current ±5 [[ mAOutput Impedance 0.1 [[ WShort Circuit to ACOM Duration Indefinite [[REFERENCE VOLTAGEVoltage +9.975 +10.000 +10.025 [[[ [[ [ VT to T +9.960 +10.040[[[ [ VMIN MAXOutput Resistance 1 [[ WSource Current 2 [[ mAShort Circuit to ACOM Duration Indefinite [[INTERFACERESOLUTION 16 [[ BitsDIGITAL INPUTSSerial Data Input Code(1)Logic Levels Straight BinaryV +2.0 (V –1.4)[[[ [ VIH CCV 0 +0.8[[[ [ VILI (V = +2.7V) ±10 [[μAIH II (V = +0.4V) ±10 [[μAIL IDIGITAL OUTPUTSerial DataV (I = 1.6mA) 0 +0.4[[[ [ VOL SINK V (I = 500μA),T to T +2.4 +5[[[ [ VOH SOURCE MIN MAXPOWER SUPPLY REQUIREMENTSVoltage+V +11.4 +15 +16.5 [[[ [[ [ VCC–V –11.4 –15 –16.5 [[[ [[ [ VCC(6)Current (No Load, ±15V Supplies)+V 13 16 [[ [ [ mACC–V 22 26 [[ [ [ mACC(7)Power Dissipation 625 [[ mWTEMPERATURE RANGESSpecificationAll Grades –40 +85[[ 0 +70 °CStorage –60 +150[[[ [ °CThermal Coefficient, θ 75 [[ °C/WJA[ Specifications are the same as the grade to the left.NOTES: (1) Digital inputs are TTL and +5V CMOS compatible over the specification temperature range. (2) FSR means Full Scale Range. For example, for 0 to +10V output, FSR = 10V. (3) Errors externallyadjustable to zero. (4) Maximum represents the 3σ limit. Not 100% tested for this parameter. (5) For the worst-case Straight Binary code changes: 7FFF to 8000 and 8000 to 7FFF. (6) During power supplyturn on, the transient supply current may approach 3x the maximum quiescent specification. (7) Typical (i.e. rated) supply voltages times maximum currents.®DAC716 2PIN CONFIGURATION PIN DESCRIPTIONSPIN LABEL DESCRIPTIONTop View SOIC/DIP1 CLK Serial Data Clock2A Enable for Input Register (Active Low)0 CLK 1 16 CLR3A Enable for D/A Latch (Active Low)1A 2 15 –V4 SDI Serial Data Input0 CC5 SDO Serial Data OutputA 3 14 Gain Adjust16 DCOM Digital Supply Ground7+V Positive Power SupplySDI 4 13 Offset Adjust CC DAC7168 ACOM Analog Supply GroundSDO 5 12 V REF OUT9V D/A OutputOUT10 NC No ConnectionDCOM 6 11 NC11 NC No Connection+V 7 10 NC12 V Voltage Reference OutputCC REF OUT13 Offset Adjust Offset AdjustACOM 8 9 VOUT14 Gain Adjust Gain Adjust15 –V Negative Power SupplyCC16 CLR ClearELECTROSTATIC ORDERING INFORMATIONDIFFERENTIALDISCHARGE SENSITIVITYLINEARITY ERROR TEMPERATUREPRODUCT PACKAGE T to T RANGEElectrostatic discharge can cause damage ranging from per- MIN MAXformance degradation to complete device failure. Burr- DAC716P Plastic DIP ±8 LSB –40°C to +85°CDAC716U Plastic SOIC ±8 LSB –40°C to +85°CBrown Corporation recommends that all integrated circuitsDAC716PB Plastic DIP ±4 LSB –40°C to +85°Cbe handled and stored using appropriate ESD protectionDAC716UB Plastic SOIC ±4 LSB –40°C to +85°Cmethods. DAC716PK Plastic DIP ±2 LSB 0°C to +70°CDAC716UK Plastic SOIC ±2 LSB 0°C to +70°CESD damage can range from subtle performance degrada-tion to complete device failure. Precision integrated circuitsPACKAGE INFORMATIONmay be more susceptible to damage because very smallparametric changes could cause the device not to meetPACKAGE DRAWING(1)PRODUCT PACKAGE NUMBERpublished specifications.DAC716P Plastic DIP 180DAC716U Plastic SOIC 211(1)ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGSNOTE: (1) For detailed drawing and dimension table, please see end of data sheet,+V to Common ..... 0V to +17VCCor Appendix C of Burr-Brown IC Data Book.–V to Common ..... 0V to –17VCC+V to –V ...... 34VCC CCACOM to DCOM ....... ±0.5VDigital Inputs to Common –1V to (V –0.7V)CCExternal Voltage Applied to BPO and Range Resistors ... ±VCCV ... Indefinite Short to CommonREF OUTV Indefinite Short to CommonOUTSDO Indefinite Short to CommonPower Dissipation .. 750mWStorage Temperature –60°C to +150°CLead Temperature (soldering, 10s) ... +300°CNOTE: (1) Stresses above those listed under “Absolute

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