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CY74FCT138ATQC from CYPRESS, Cypress 72pcs , SSOP,1-of-8 Decoder
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Characteristics Over the Operating Range[5]Parameter Description Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. UnitV Output HIGH Voltage V =Min., I =–32 mA Com’l 2.0 VOH CC OHV Output HIGH Voltage V =Min., I =–15 mA Com’l 2.4 3.3 VOH CC OHV Output HIGH Voltage V =Min., I =–12 mA Mil 2.4 3.3 VOH CC OHV Output LOW Voltage V =Min., I =64 mA Com’l 0.3 0.55 VOL CC OLV =Min., I =32 mA Mil 0.3 0.55 VCC OLV Input HIGH Voltage 2.0 VIHV Input LOW Voltage 0.8 VIL[6]V Hysteresis All inputs 0.2 VHV Input Clamp Diode Voltage V =Min., I =–18 mA –0.7 –1.2 VIK CC INI Input HIGH Current V =Max., V =V 5 μAI CC IN CCI Input HIGH Current V =Max., V =2.7V ±1 μAIH CC INI Input LOW Current V =Max., V =0.5V ±1 μAIL CC IN[7]I Output Short Circuit Current V =Max., V =0.0V –60 –120 –225 mAOS CC OUTI Power-Off Disable V =0V, V =4.5V ±1 μAOFF CC OUTNotes:1. H = HIGH Voltage Level. L = LOW Voltage Level. X = Don’t Care.2. Unless otherwise noted, these limits are over the operating free-air temperature range.3. Unused inputs must always be connected to an appropriate logic voltage level, preferably either V or ground.CC4. T is the “instant on” case temperature.A5. Typical values are at V =5.0V, T =+25°C ambient.CC A6. This parameter is guaranteed but not tested.7. Not more than one output should be shorted at a time. Duration of short should not exceed one second. The use of high-speed test apparatus and/or sample and hold techniques are preferable in order to minimize internal chip heating and more accurately reflect operational values. Otherwise prolonged shorting of a high output may raise the chip temperature well above normal and thereby cause invalid readings in other parametric tests. In any sequence of parameter tests, I tests should be performed last.OS2CY54/74FCT138T[6]Capacitance[5]Parameter Description Typ. Max. UnitC Input Capacitance 5 10 pFINC Output Capacitance 9 12 pFOUTPower Supply

CY74FCT138ATQC ,1-of-8 DecoderCharacteristics Over the Operating Range[5]Parameter Description Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Uni ..
CY74FCT138ATQCT ,1-of-8 Decodermaximum ratings over operating free-air temperature range (unless otherwise noted)Supply voltage ra ..
CY74FCT138ATSOC ,1-of-8 Decodermaximum ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, andfuncti ..
CY74FCT138CTQC ,1-of-8 DecoderBlock Diagram Pin ConfigurationsE E E1 2 3LCCA A A2 1 0DIP/SOIC/QSOPTop ViewTop ViewA 10 16 VCC76 5 ..
CY74FCT138CTSOC ,1-of-8 Decoder CY54FCT138T, CY74FCT138T 1-OF-8 DECODERS SCCS013B – MAY 1994 – REVISED OCTOBER 2001CY54FCT138T ... ..
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