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CY6264-70SNI from CY, Cypress 10pcs , SOP , Alternate PN:CY626470SNI,Memory : MicroPower SRAMs
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CY6264-70SNI CY N/a 10
CY6264-70SNI from CRY, 4pcs , SOP , Alternate PN:CY626470SNI,Memory : MicroPower SRAMs

Block Diagram Pin ConfigurationSOICTop ViewNC VCC1 28A WE42 27A CE5 3 26 2A AI/O 6 4 25 30A A7 5 24 2INPUT BUFFERA A8 16 23I/O1A OE97 22A A10 08 21A CE11 19 20AI/O12A I/O12 710 19A2I/O I/O0 611 18A3 I/O I/O I/O3 1 512 17A I/O I/O4 256 x 32 x 8 2 413 16GND I/OARRA Y 3A 14 155I/O4A6 CY6264-2A7I/O5A8I/O6POWERCE1I/ODOWN7CE COLUMN DECODER2WEOECY6264-1Selection GuideCY6264-55 CY6264-70Maximum Access Time (ns) 55 70Maximum Operating Current (mA) 100 100Maximum Standby Current (mA) 20/15 20/15Shaded area contains advanced information.Cypress Semiconductor Corporation • • San Jose • • October 1994 – Revised June 1996 PRELIMINARYCY6264Output Current into Outputs (LOW).. 20 mAMaximum RatingsStatic Discharge Voltage ...... >2001V(Above which the useful life may be impaired. For user guide-(per MIL-STD-883, Method 3015)lines, not tested.)Latch-Up Current....... >200 mAStorage Temperature ...... –65°C to +150°CAmbient Temperature withOperating RangePower Applied –55°C to +125°CAmbientSupply Voltage to Ground Potential...... –0.5V to +7.0VRange Temperature VCCDC Voltage Applied to Outputs[1]Commercial0°C to +70°C 5V ± 10%in High Z State ........ –0.5V to +7.0V[1]DC Input Voltage ..... –0.5V to +7.0VElectrical Functional Description2HIGH. Under these conditions, the contents of the location ad-The CY6264 is a high-performance CMOS static RAM orga- dressed by the information on address pins is present on thenized as 8192 words by 8 bits. Easy memory expansion is eight data input/output pins.provided by an active LOW chip enable (CE ), an active HIGH1The input/output pins remain in a high-impedance state unlesschip enable (CE ), and active LOW output enable (OE) and2the chip is selected, outputs are enabled, and write enablethree-state drivers. Both devices have an automatic pow-(WE) is HIGH. A die coat is used to insure alpha immunity.er-down feature (CE ), reducing the power consumption by1Logic
CY6264-70SNS CY

CY6264-70SNI ,Memory : MicroPower SRAMsFunctional Description2HIGH. Under these conditions, the contents of the location ad-The CY6264 is ..
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