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74HC423N from PHILIPS, Philips 405pcs , DIP16,Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator with reset
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GENERAL DESCRIPTIONFor pulse widths, when C < 10 000 pF, see Fig.9.EXTWhen C > 10 000 pF, the typical output pulse width isThe 74HC/HCT423 are high-speed Si-gate CMOS devicesEXTdefined as:and are pin compatible with low power Schottky TTLt = 0.45 × R × C (typ.),(LSTTL). They are specified in compliance with JEDEC W EXT EXTwhere, t = pulse width in ns;standard no. 7A.WR = external resistor in kΩ;EXTThe 74HC/HCT423 are dual retriggerable monostableC = external capacitor in pF.EXTmultivibrators with output pulse width control by twoSchmitt-trigger action in the nA and nB inputs, makes themethods. The basic pulse time is programmed bycircuit highly tolerant to slower input rise and fall times.selection of an external resistor (R ) and capacitorEXTThe “423” is identical to the “123” but cannot be triggeredvia the reset input.QUICK REFERENCE DATAGND = 0 V; T = 25 °C; t = t = 6 nsamb r fTYPICALSYMBOL PARAMETER CONDITIONS UNITHC HCTt / t propagation delay C = 15 pF; V = 5 V;PHL PLH L CCR =5 kΩ; C = 0 pFEXT EXTnA, nB to nQ, nQ2526nsnR to nQ, nQ2022nsDC input capacitance 3.5 3.5 pFIt minimum output pulse width nQ, nQ notes 1 and 2 75 75 nsWNotes1. C is used to determine the dynamic power dissipation (P in μW):PD D2 2 2P = C × V × f +∑ (C × V × f ) + 0.75 × C × V × f + D × 16 × V where:D PD CC i L CC o EXT CC o CCf = input frequency in MHzif = output frequency in MHzoD = duty factor in %2∑ (C × V × f ) = sum of outputsL CC oC = output load capacitance in pFLV = supply voltage in VCCC = timing capacitance in pFEXT2. For HC the condition is V = GND to VI CCFor HCT the condition is V = GND to V - 1.5 VI CC1998 Jul 08 2Philips Semiconductors Product specificationDual retriggerable monostable74HC/HCT423multivibrator with resetORDERING INFORMATIONPACKAGETYPENUMBERNAME DESCRIPTION VERSION74HC423N; DIP16 plastic dual in-line package; 16 leads (300 mil); long body SOT38-174HCT423N74HC423D; SO16 plastic small outline package; 16 leads; body width 3.9 mm; SOT109-174HCT423D low stand-off heightPIN DESCRIPTIONPIN NO. SYMBOL NAME AND FUNCTION1, 9 1A, 2A trigger inputs (negative-edge triggered)2, 10 1B, 2B trigger inputs (positive-edge triggered)3, 11 1R ,2R direct reset action (active LOW)D D4, 12 1Q, 2Q outputs (active LOW)72R /C external resistor/capacitor connectionEXT EXT8 GND ground (0 V)13, 5 1Q, 2Q outputs (active HIGH)14, 6 1C ,2C external capacitor connectionEXT EXT15 1R /C external resistor/capacitor connectionEXT EXT16 V positive supply voltageCCFig.1
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