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2SD1991A-R from PANASONIC, Panasonic 10100pcs , DIP-3 , Alternate PN:2SD1991AR
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2SD1991A-R PANASONIC N/a 10100

2SD1992 ,TransistorTransistors2SD1992, 25D1992A2SD1992,2SDI992ASi‘licon NPN Epitaxial Planar Typé'For> low¥fréquency p ..
2SD1992A ,Small-signal deviceAbsolute Maximum Ratings T = 25°CaParameter Symbol Rating UnitCollector-base voltage (Emitter open ..
2SD1994 ,TransistorFeatures010w collector-emitter saturation voltage VCEM)°2—3W output can be obtained in a complement ..
2SD1996 ,Small-signal deviceElectrical Characteristics T = 25°C ± 3°CaParameter Symbol Conditions Min Typ Max UnitCollector-ba ..
2SD1998 ,NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistors Compact Motor Driver Applications
3214J-1-202E , 3214 - 5-Turn Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometer
3214J-1-203E , 3214 - 5-Turn Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometer
3214W-1-202E , 3214 - 5-Turn Trimpot® Trimming Potentiometer
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