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10EL89 from ON, ON Semiconductor 227pcs , SOP
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10EL89 ON N/a 227

10ESK3 , 3 to 40 Amp High Performance K Series RFI Power Line Filters for SMPS Emission Control
10ETF02S ,200V Fast Recovery Diode in a D2-Pak packageapplications are both:output rectification and freewheeling ininverters, choppers and convertersand ..
10ETF04FP ,400V Fast Recovery Diode in a TO-220 FullPak packageFeaturesThe 10ETF..FP fast soft recovery QUIETIRrectifier series has been optimized for combinedsho ..
10ETF04S ,400V Fast Recovery Diode in a D2-Pak packageFeaturesThe 10ETF..S fast soft recovery QUIETIR rectifierseries has been optimized for combined sho ..
17808 , Three-Terminal Regulator
17808 , Three-Terminal Regulator
17809 , Three-Terminal Regulator
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