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LM3302MHARRISN/a754avaiQuad Comparator
LM239MTIN/a712avaiQuad Comparator

LM3302M ,Quad ComparatorBlock Diagram14 OUT3OUT2 1OUT1 2 13 OUT4GNDVCC 3 12+ - +-IN4(+)IN1(-) 411IN4(-)IN1(+)5 10IN2(-) IN3 ..
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Quad Comparator

Single or Dual Supply Operation Wide Range of Supply Voltage
LM2901,LM339/LM339A,LM239/LM239A: 2 ~ 36V
(or ±1 ~ ±18V)
LM3302: 2 ~ 28V (or ±1 ~ ±14V) Low Supply Current Drain 800μA Typ. Open Collector Outputs for Wired and Connectors Low Input Bias Current 25nA Typ. Low Input Offset Current ±2.3nA Typ. Low Input Offset Voltage ±1.4mV Typ. Input Common Mode Voltage Range Includes Ground. Low Output Saturation Voltage Output Compatible With TTL, DTL and MOS Logic

The LM2901, LM339/LM339A ,LM239/LM239A, LM3302
consist of four independent voltage comparators designed
to operate from single power supply over a wide voltage
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