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EL5234IYINTERSILN/a1100avai630MHz, Gain of 5, Low Noise Amplifiers
EL5235ISELANTECN/a30avai630MHz, Gain of 5, Low Noise Amplifiers
EL5235ISELN/a1455avai630MHz, Gain of 5, Low Noise Amplifiers

EL5235IS ,630MHz, Gain of 5, Low Noise AmplifiersApplications•Imaging• Instrumentation• Communications devicesOrdering InformationPART NUMBER PART M ..
EL5235IS ,630MHz, Gain of 5, Low Noise Amplifiersapplications, they maintain • Dual supplies from ±2.5V to ±5Vtheir performance down to lower gain s ..
EL5244 ,Dual, 100MHz, Single Supply, Rail-to-Rail AmplifierFeaturesAmplifiers Rail-to-rail output swingThe EL5144 series amplifiers are  -3dB bandwidth = 10 ..
EL5244CN ,100MHz Single-Supply Rail-to-Rail AmplifiersEL5144, EL5146, EL5244, EL5246, EL5444®Data Sheet November 14, 2002 FN7177100MHz Single-Supply Rail ..
EL5244CS ,100MHz Single-Supply Rail-to-Rail Amplifiersapplications. Allowing the  High speed communicationsCE pin to float or applying a high logic leve ..
EL5244CS-T7 ,100MHz Single-Supply Rail-to-Rail Amplifiersapplications. With their voltage-feedback architecture, these amplifiers can accept


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