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EL5176IYELN/a100avai250 MHz differential twisted-pair driver.

EL5176IY ,250 MHz differential twisted-pair driver.Applications(REF), which has a -3dB bandwidth of over 50MHz. Generally, this pin is grounded but it ..
EL5177IY ,550MHz Differential Twisted-Pair DriverApplicationsreference.• Twisted-pair driversBoth outputs (OUT+, OUT-) are short circuit protected t ..
EL5191ACS ,1GHz Current Feedback Amplifier with EnableApplicationsEL5191A is available in the 6-pin SOT-23 as well as the • Video amplifiersindustry-stan ..
EL5202IY ,400MHz Slew Enhanced VFAsapplicationsVFAs based on a CFA amplifier architecture. This gives the • Power-down to 0µA (EL5x02) ..
EL5202IY ,400MHz Slew Enhanced VFAsapplicationsand summing within video, communications, and •A/D driversinstrumentation designs.• Lin ..
EL5203IS ,400MHz Slew Enhanced VFAsfeatures an output • Diff gain/phase = 0.01%/0.01°enable function, which can be used to put the out ..


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