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EL2141CS-T7 |EL2141CST7ELN/a3287avai150MHz Differential Twisted Pair Driver
EL2141CSZELANTECN/a16avai150MHz Differential Twisted Pair Driver
EL2141CSZINTERSILN/a21avai150MHz Differential Twisted Pair Driver

EL2141CS-T7 ,150MHz Differential Twisted Pair DriverElectrical Specifications V = +5V, V = -5V, T = 25°C, V = 0V, R = 200, unless otherwise specified.C ..
EL2141CSZ ,150MHz Differential Twisted Pair DriverFeaturesThe EL2141 is a very high bandwidth amplifier whose output • Fully differential inputs, out ..
EL2141CSZ ,150MHz Differential Twisted Pair DriverApplicationsBoth outputs (V , V ) are short circuit protected to OUT OUTB  Twisted pair driverwith ..
EL2142 ,150MHz, Differential Twisted-Pair AmplifierElectrical Specifications V = +5V, V = -5V, T = 25C, V = 0V, R = 100, unless otherwise specifiedCC ..
EL2150 ,Op Amp, Video, 125MHz, SR=275V/祍, Low Power, Low Voltage, Single Supply, Clamping, 100mA Outputapplications, contact the factory.PART NUMBER PACKAGE TAPE & REEL PKG. DWG. #EL2150CS 8-Pin SO - MD ..
EL2160 ,Op Amp, 180MHz, Current Feedback, SR=1500V/祍, 75?Cable Driver, Dual or Single Supply (33V)Electrical Specifications V = ±15V, R = 150Ω, T = 25°C unless otherwise specified.S L ALIMITSPARAME ..


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