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CD22354AEHARN/a420avaiCMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODEC
CD22354AEHARRISN/a342avaiCMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODEC
CD22354AEN/a51avaiCMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODEC
CD22357AEHARN/a200avaiCMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODEC

CD22354AE ,CMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODECapplications for the CD22354A and(CMOCD22357A are in telephone systems. These circuits• TTL or CMOS ..
CD22354AE ,CMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODECCD22354A,SemiconductorCD22357ACMOS Single-Chip,February 1999 Full-Feature PCM CODEC[ /Title
CD22354AE ,CMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODECFeatures Description(CD22• Meets or Exceeds All AT&T D3/D4 Specifications and CCITT The CD22354A an ..
CD22357AE ,CMOS Single-Chip/ Full-Feature PCM CODECfeatures, including synchronous andFea-asynchronous operations and variable data rates, the• Centra ..
CD22402E ,Sync Generator for TV Applications and Video Processing SystemsSemiconductorCD22402Sync Generator for TV
CD22859 ,Monolithic Silicon COS/MOS Dual-Tone Multifrequency Tone GeneratorApplications(Monoltones from an on-chip reference crystal oscillator. Theithic• For Use In Dual-ton ..
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