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5962-917-2201MFA |59629172201MFANSC ?N/a1avai4-Bit Binary Counter, Asynchronous Reset

5962-917-2201MFA ,4-Bit Binary Counter, Asynchronous ResetFeaturesn I reduced by 50%CCLogic SymbolsPin Names DescriptionCEP Count Enable Parallel InputCET Co ..
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4-Bit Binary Counter, Asynchronous Reset
54AC161• 54ACT161
Synchronous Presettable Binary Counter
General Description

The ’AC/’ACT161are high-speed synchronous modulo-16
binary counters. Theyare synchronously presettableforap-
plicationin programmable dividers and havetwo typesof
Count Enable inputs plusa Terminal Count outputfor versa-
tilityin forming synchronous multistage counters. The ’AC/
’ACT161hasan asynchronous Master Reset inputthat over-
ridesall other inputsand forcesthe outputs LOW.
ICC reducedby 50% Synchronous countingand loading High-speed synchronous expansion Typical countrateof125 MHz Outputs source/sink24mA ’ACT161has TTL-compatible inputs Standard Microcircuit Drawing (SMD) ’AC161: 5962-89561 ’ACT161: 5962-91722
Logic Symbols Pin Names Description

CEP Count Enable Parallel Input
CET Count Enable Trickle Input Clock Pulse Input Asynchronous Master Reset Input
P0–P3 Parallel Data Inputs Parallel Enable Inputs
Q0–Q3 Flip-Flop Outputs Terminal Count Output
TRI-STATE®isa registeredtrademark ofNationalSemiconductorCorporation.
FACT™isatrademark ofFairchildSemiconductor Corporation.

November 1998
1998 National Semiconductor Corporation DS100274
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