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XPC850SRZT50BU from FREESACLE, 229pcs , BGA,50MHz; V(ddh): -0.3 to +4V; communication controller
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XPC850SRZT50BU from MOT, Motorola 121pcs , BGA,50MHz; V(ddh): -0.3 to +4V; communication controller
XPC850SRZT50BU from MOTO, Motorola 4pcs , BGA,50MHz; V(ddh): -0.3 to +4V; communication controller
XPC850SRZT50BU from MOTOROLA, Motorola 120pcs , BGA,50MHz; V(ddh): -0.3 to +4V; communication controller
Electrical Characteristics” 43Part IX, “Mechanical Data and Ordering Information” 66Part X, “Document Revision History” 72Part I OverviewThe MPC850 is a versatile, one-chip integrated microprocessor and peripheralcombination that can be used in a variety of controller applications, excellingparticularly in communications and networking products. The MPC850, whichincludes support for Ethernet, is specifically designed for cost-sensitive,remote-access, and telecommunications applications. It is provides functionssimilar to the MPC860, with system enhancements such as universal serial bus(USB) support and a larger (8-Kbyte) dual-port RAM. In addition to a high-performance embedded MPC8xx core, the MPC850integrates system functions, such as a versatile memory controller and acommunications processor module (CPM) that incorporates a specialized,independent RISC communications processor (referred to as the CP). Thisseparate processor off-loads peripheral tasks from the embedded MPC8xx core. The CPM of the MPC850 supports up to seven serial channels, as follows:• One or two serial communications controllers (SCCs). The SCCs support Ethernet, ATM (MPC850SR and MPC850DSL), HDLC and a number of other protocols, along with a transparent mode of operation.• One USB channel• Two serial management controllers (SMCs)2• One I C port• One serial peripheral interface (SPI). Table 1-1 shows the functionality supported by the members of the MPC850 family.Table 1-1. MPC850 Functionality MatrixNumber of Number of Ethernet Multi-channel Part SCCs ATM Support USB Support PCMCIA Slots Support HDLC SupportSupported SupportedMPC850 1 Yes - Yes - 1MPC850DE 2 Yes - Yes - 1MPC850SR 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes 1MPC850DSL 2 Yes Yes Yes No 1Additional documentation may be provided for parts listed in Table 1-1.2 MPC850 (Rev. A/B/C) Hardware Specifications MOTOROLA Part II Block DiagramThe following list summarizes the main Hardware SpecificationMPC850ABEC/DRev. 1, 10/2002MPC850 (Rev. A/B/C) Family Communications ControllerHardware SpecificationsThis document contains detailed information on power considerations, AC/DC electricalcharacteristics, and AC timing specifications for revision A,B, and C of the MPC850 Family.This document contains the following topics:Topic PagePart I, “Overview” 1Part II, “FeaturesFigure 2-1 is a

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