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XP04314 from PAN, Panasonic 80pcs , SMD6,Composite Device
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XP04314 PAN N/a 80
Absolute Maximum Ratings T = 25°CaParameter Symbol Rating UnitTr1 Collector-base voltage V 50 VCBO1: Emitter (Tr1) 4: Emitter (Tr2)(Emitter open)2: Base (Tr1) 5: Base (Tr2)Collector-emitter voltage V 50 VCEO3: Collector (Tr2) 6: Collector (Tr1)(Base open)EIAJ: SC-88 SMini6-G1 PackageCollector current I 100 mACMarking Symbol: CATr2 Collector-base voltage V −50 VCBO(Emitter open)Internal ConnectionCollector-emitter voltage V −50 VCEO6 5 4(Base open)Collector current I −100 mACTr1Overall Total power dissipation P 150 mWTTr2Junction temperature T 150 °CjStorage temperature T −55 to +150 °C1 2 3stgNote) The part number in the parenthesis shows conventional part number.Publication date: June 2003 SJJ00179BED 10 to 0.1(0.425)1.25±0.100.9±0.12.1±0.1+0.20.9–0.15˚0.2±0.1XP04314■

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