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VSP3210Y from BB, 4pcs , QFP-48P,16-Bit, 8Msps CCD Signal Processor for Scanner
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FEATURES DESCRIPTION INTEGRATED TRIPLE-CORRELATED The VSP3200 and VSP3210 are complete CCD imageDOUBLE SAMPLER processors that operate from single +5V supplies. OPERATION MODE SELECTABLE:This complete image processor includes three Corre-1-Channel, 3-Channel CCD Mode, 8Mspslated Double Samplers (CDSs) and ProgrammableGain Amplifiers (PGAs) to process CCD signals. PROGRAMMABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER:0dB to +13dBThe VSP3200 is interface compatible with the SELECTABLE OUTPUT MODES: VSP3210, which is a 16-bit, one-chip product.Normal/DemultiplexedThe VSP3210 is pin-to-pin compatible with VSP3100, OFFSET CONTROL RANGE: ±500mVwhen in demultiplexed output mode. +3V, +5V Digital OutputThe VSP3200 and VSP3210 can be operated from 0°C LOW POWER: 300mW (typ) to +85°C, and are available in LQFP-48 packages. LQFP-48 SURFACE-MOUNT PACKAGECLP CK1 CK2 ADCCK TP0 VREFReferenceCMCircuitTiming GeneratorClampREFPRINPCDS PGAREFNAGND6OE1010-BitDACVDRVClamp16-Bit DigitalGINPB0-B15CDS PGA MUX A/D Output(A0-A2, D0-D9)Converter Control16610 10-BitDACClampBINPCDS PGA3GainOffset Control10 10-Bit 10RegisterRegisterRegisterDACPortRRP/SConfigurationGG WRTRegisterBBRD6SCLK8 6SDVSP3200Copyright 2000, Texas Instruments Incorporated SBMS012A Printed in U.S.A. November, 2000PACKAGE OPTION ADDENDUM

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