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UC2841N from TI, Texas Instruments 1066pcs , DIP-18P,Programmable, Off-Line, PWM Controller
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UC2841N TI N/a 1066
features include alow-current starting circuit, linear feed-forward for constant volt-second• Guaranteed Duty Cycle Clampoperation, and compatibility with either voltage or current mode topologies.• PWM Latch for Single Pulse per PeriodIn addition to start-up and normal regulating PWM functions, these de-• Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting Plus vices include built in protection from over-voltage, under-voltage, andShutdown for Over-Current Faultover-current fault conditions with the option for either latch-off or automat-ic restart.• No Start-up or Shutdown TransientsWhile pin compatible with the UC1840 in all respects except that the po-• Slow Turn-on Both Initially and Afterlarity of the External Stop has been reversed, the UC1841 offers the fol-Fault Shutdownlowing improvements:• Shutdown Upon Over- or1. Fault latch reset is accomplished with slow start discharge ratherUnder-Voltage Sensing than recycling the input voltage to the chip.• Latch Off or Continuous Retry After2. The External Stop input can be used for a fault delay to resistFault shutdown from short duration transients.• PWM Output Switch Usable to 1A3. The duty-cycle clamping function has been characterized andPeak Current specified.• 1% Reference AccuracyThe UC1841 is characterized for -55°C to +125°C operation while theUC2841 and UC3841 are designed for -25°C to +85°C and 0°to +70°C,• 500kHz Operationrespectively.• 18 Pin DIL Package

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