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UC2802 from UN, 24pcs , QFP
Partno Mfg Dc Qty Available
UC2802 UN N/a 24
UC2794 UN 259
UC2794 UNIDEN 307
UC2797 UNIDEN 160
UC2800 ON 64
UC2802 UN 24
UC28023DW TI 3500, SLUS557G–MARCH 2003–REVISED DECEMBER 20165 Pin Configuration and FunctionsUC28023 DW or N Packages UC28025 DW or N Packages16-Pin SOIC or PDIP 16-Pi ..
UC28023DWRG4 TI 2530,Featuresexternal components. UC2802x devices include an1• Peak Current Mode, Average Current Mode, oroscillator, a temperature compensated reference, ..
UC28025DW TI 5000,Maximum Ratings.. 411.1 Layout Guidelines.... 186.2 ESD Ratings........ 411.2 Layout Example....... 186.3 Recommended Operating Conditions..... 412 D ..
UC28025DW TI/UNITRODE 76,Block Diagram... 10Information..... 194 Revision HistoryNOTE: Page numbers for previous revisions may differ from page numbers in the current version ..

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