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TS272BIDT from ST, ST Microelectronics 6000pcs , SOP8,HIGH PERFORMANCE CMOS DUAL OP-AMPS
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TS272BIDT ST N/a 6000
applications.PThree power consumptions are available allowingTSSOP8to have always the best consumption-speed ratio:(Thin Shrink Small Outline Package)❑ I = 10μA/amp.: TS27L2 (very low power)CCPIN CONNECTIONS (top view) ❑ I = 150μA/amp.: TS27M2 (low power)CC❑ I = 1mA/amp.: TS272 (standard)CCThese CMOS amplifiers offer very high input im-1 8pedance and extremely low input currents. Themajor advantage versus JFET devices is the very2 7-low input currents drift with temperature (see fig-ure 2).+3 6-ORDER CODE +45PackagePart Number Temperature RangeND P1 - Output 12 - Inverting Input 1TS272C/AC/BC 0°C, +70°C •••3 - Non-inverting Input 1TS272I/AI/BI -40°C, +125°C •••-4 - VCCTS272M/AM/BM -55°C, +125°C •••5 - Non-inverting Input 2Example : TS272ACN 6 - Inverting Input 27 - Output 2+8 - VN = Dual in Line Package (DIP) CCD = Small Outline Package (SO) - also available in Tape & Reel (DT)P = Thin Shrink Small Outline Package (TSSOP) - only available in Tape & Reel (PT)November 2001 1/9TS272C,I,M

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