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TS272BID from ST, ST Microelectronics 5200pcs , SO-8,HIGH SPEED DUAL CMOS OP-AMPS
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TS272BID ST N/a 5200
TS272C,I,MHIGH PERFORMANCECMOS DUAL OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS ■ OUTPUT VOLTAGE CAN SWING TO GROUND■ EXCELLENT PHASE MARGIN ONCAPACITIVE LOADS■ GAIN BANDWIDTH PRODUCT: 3.5MHzN■ STABLE AND LOW OFFSET VOLTAGEDIP8(Plastic Package)■ THREE INPUT OFFSET VOLTAGESELECTIONSDESCRIPTIONDThe TS272 devices are low cost, dual operationalSO8amplifiers designed to operate with single or dual(Plastic Micropackage)supplies. These operational amplifiers use the STsilicon gate CMOS process allowing an excellentconsumption-speed ratio. These series are ideallysuited for low consumption

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