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TS2431AILT from ST , ST Microelectronics 35688pcs,PROGRAMMABLE SHUNT REFERENCE
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TS2431AILT ST N/a 35688
TS2431AILT from STM, ST Microelectronics 2580pcs , 11,PROGRAMMABLE SHUNT REFERENCE
ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol Parameter Value UnitVka Cathode to Anode voltage 25 VIReverse Breakdown Current -100 to +150 mAKIReference input current range -0.05 to +10 mAREF1)P 360 mWd Power Dissipation SOT23-3TStorage Temperature -65 to +150 °CstdHuman Body Model (HBM) 2 kVESDMachine Model (MM) 200 VTLead Temperatue (soldering, 10 seconds) 260 °CLEAD1. Pd has been calculated with Tamb = 25°C, Tjunction =150°C and Rthja = 340°C/W for the SOT23-3 packageOPERATING CONDITIONS Symbol Parameter Value UnitV V to 24Cathode to Anode voltage VKA REF1)I 1 to 100 mAK Cathode operating currentTOperating Free Air Temperature Range -40 to +105 °Coper1. Maximum power dissipation must be strictly observed to avoid the component destruction.TS2431PROGRAMMABLE SHUNT VOLTAGE REFERENCE ■ ADJUSTABLE OUTPUT VOLTAGE2.5 to 24V■ SEVERAL PRECISION @ 25°C±2%, ±1% and ±0.5%■ SINK CURRENT CAPABILITY1 to 100mA■ INDUSTRIAL TEMPERATURE RANGE:-40 to +105°C■ PERFORMANCES COMPATIBLE WITH INDUSTRY STANDARD TL431DESCRIPTIONThe TS2431 is a programmable shunt voltageLreference with guaranteed temperature stabilitySOT23-3Lover the entire temperature range of operation(Plastic Micropackage)(-40 to +105°C). The output voltage may be set toany value between 2.5V and 24V with an externalresistor bridge. Available in SOT23-3 surface mount package, itcan be designed in

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