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TS2007 from HTLECO, 145pcs , SOP28,3W filter free class D audio power amplifier with fixed gain
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TS2007 HTLECO N/a 145
Absolute maximum ratingsSymbol Parameter Value Unit(1)V Supply voltage 6VCC(2)V Input voltage GND to V Vi CCT Operating free air temperature range -40 to + 85 °CoperT Storage temperature -65 to +150 °CstgT Maximum junction temperature 150 °Cj(3)R Thermal resistance junction to ambient 200 °C/Wthja(4)Pd Power dissipation Internally limitedESD HBM: human body model 2 kVESD MM: machine model 200 VLatch-up Latch-up immunity Class ALead temperature (soldering, 10 sec) 260 °CR Minimum load resistor 3.2 ΩL1. All voltage values are measured with respect to the ground pin.2. The magnitude of the input signal must never exceed V + 0.3 V / GND - 0.3 V.CC3. The device is protected in case of over temperature by a thermal shutdown active @ 150 °C.4. Exceeding the power derating curves during a long period will cause abnormal operation. Table 2. Operating conditionsSymbol Parameter Value UnitV Supply voltage 2.4 to 5.5 VCCV Input voltage range GND to V VI CC(1)V Input common mode voltage GND+0.15 V to V -0.7 V Vic CC(2)Standby voltage input V VDevice ON 1.4 ≤ V ≤ V STBYSTBY CC(3)Device OFF GND ≤ V ≤ 0.4 STBYGain select input: GS VGain =12dB GND ≤ V ≤ 0.4 GSGain = 6dB 1.4 ≤ V ≤ V GS CCR Load resistor ≥ 4 ΩL(4)R Thermal resistance junction to ambient 40 °C/Wthja1. I V I ≤ 35 mV max with both differential gains.oo2. Without any signal on V , the device is in standby (internal 300 kΩ pull down resistor).STBY3. Minimum current consumption is obtained when V = GND.STBY4. When mounted on 4-layer PCB.Doc ID 13123 Rev 4 3/29Typical application TS20072 Typical applicationFigure 1. Typical application schematicsVCCVCCCs1uFInput capacitorsare optional TS2007In-GS VccCin4 IN- OUT+ 8-Differential Gain HSpeakerPWMInput 3 Select Bridge 5+IN+ OUT-CinIn+StandbyOscillatorControlStandbyGndVCCVCCVCCCs1uFInput capacitors4 Ω LC Output Filterare optional TS2007In-GS Vcc15 HCin μ4 IN- OUT+ 8 2 μF-Differential HGainPWM LoadInput 3 5Select Bridge+IN+ OUT- 2 μF15 μHCinIn+StandbyOscillatorControlStandbyGnd30 μH1 μF1 μF30 μH8 Ω LC Output FilterVCC Table 3. External component descriptionsComponents

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