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TPS82673SIPR from TI, Texas Instruments 3000pcs , USIP8,600mA Fully Integrated, Low Noise Step-Down Converter in MicroSiP? Package 8-uSiP -40 to 85
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TPS82673SIPR TI N/a 3000
features, combined with high PSRR• Sub 1-mm Profile Solutionand AC load regulation performance, make this2• Total Solution Size <6.7 mmdevice suitable to replace a linear regulator to obtainbetter power conversion efficiency.2 ApplicationsThe TPS8267x is packaged in a compact (2.3mm x• Cell Phones, Smart-Phones2.9mm) and low profile (1.0mm) BGA package• Camera Module, Optical Data Modulesuitable for automated assembly by standard surfacemount equipment.• Wearable Electronics• Digital TV, WLAN, GPS and Bluetooth™(1)Device InformationApplicationsPART NUMBER PACKAGE BODY SIZE (NOM)• POL ApplicationsTPS8267x µSIP (8) 2.30 x 2.90 mm(1) For all available packages, see the orderable addendum atthe end of the datasheet.4 Simplified SchematicspacerEfficiency vs Output Current100 250spacerV = 3.6 V,I22590V = 1.8 VOTPS82671SIP20080EfficiencyPFM/PWM OperationDC/DC ConverterL 17570VVIN OUTSWVIN150602.3 V .. 4.8 V 1.8 V @ 600mAC CO 125I 50GND FB10040MODEENENABLE MODE 30 75SELECTIONPower LossPFM/PWM Operation502025GND 10Copyright 2016, Texas Instruments Incorporated000.1 1 10 100 1000I - Load Current - mAO1An IMPORTANT NOTICE at the end of this data sheet addresses availability, warranty, changes, use in safety-critical applications,intellectual property matters and other important disclaimers. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, this document contains PRODUCTIONDATA.Efficiency - %Power Loss - mWTPS82670,TPS82671,TPS82672,TPS82673,TPS82674,TPS82675,TPS82676TPS82677,TPS826711,TPS826716,TPS826721,TPS826745,TPS826765,TPS8267195SLVSAI0J–OCTOBER 2010–REVISED MAY 2016

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