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TPA6204A1DRBG4 from TI, Texas Instruments 310pcs , QFN,1.7-W Mono, Fully Differential, Class-AB Audio Amplifier 8-SON -40 to 85
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TPA6204A1DRBG4 TI N/a 310
Features 2 Applications1• Designed for Wireless or Cellular Handsets and • Ideal for Wireless HandsetsPDAs• PDAs• 1.7 W Into 8Ω From a 5-V Supply at THD = 10%• Notebook Computers(Typical)• Low Supply Current: 4 mA Typical at 5 V 3 DescriptionThe TPA6204A1 device (sometimes referred to as• Shutdown Current: 0.01 µA TypicalTPA6204) is a 1.7-W mono fully-differential amplifier• Fast Start-Up With Minimal Popdesigned to drive a speaker with at least 8-Ω• Only Three External Components 2impedance while consuming only 20 mm total– Improved PSRR (−80 dB) and Wide Supplyprinted-circuit board (PCB) area in most applications.Voltage (2.5 V to 5.5 V) for Direct Battery The device operates from 2.5 V to 5.5 V, drawingonly 4 mA of quiescent supply current. TheOperationTPA6204A1 (TPA6204) is available in the space-– Fully Differential Design Reduces RFsaving 3 mm × 3 mm SON (DRB) package.RectificationThe TPA6204A1 (TPA6204) is ideal for PDA or–−63-dB CMRR Eliminates Two Input Couplingsmartphone applications due to
TPA6204A1DRBR TI,Electrical Characteristics: T = 25°C...... 4A13 Device and Documentation Support........ 187.6 Operating Characteristics: T = 25°C, Gain = 1 V/V 5A13 ..

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