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TPA0132PWP from TI, Texas Instruments 1300pcs , TSSOP-24P,2W Stereo APA With DC Volume Control
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TPA0132PWP TI N/a 1300
FEATURES• Compatible With PC 99 Desktop Line-Out IntoPWP PACKAGE10-kΩ Load (TOP VIEW)• Compatible With PC 99 Portable Into 8-Ω Load1 24GND GND• Internal Gain Control, Which Eliminates2 23PCB ENABLE RLINEINExternal Gain-Setting Resistors3 22VOLUME SHUTDOWN• DC Volume Control From 20 dB to -40 dB 4 21LOUT+ ROUT+5 20LLINEIN RHPIN• 2.8-W/Ch Output Power Into a 3-Ω Load6 19LHPIN VDD• PC-Beep Input7 18PV PVDD DD• Depop Circuitry8 17RIN CLK• Stereo Input MUX LOUT– 9 16 ROUT–10 15LIN SE/BTL• Fully Differential InputBYPASS 11 14 PC-BEEP• Low Supply Current and Shutdown CurrentGND 12 13 GND• Surface-Mount Power Packaging 24-PinTSSOP PowerPAD™DESCRIPTIONThe TPA0132 is a stereo audio power amplifier in a 24-pin TSSOP thermally enhanced package capable ofdelivering 2.8 W of continuous RMS power per channel into 3-Ω loads.This device minimizes the number of external components needed, which simplifies the design and frees upboard space for other
TPA0132PWPR TI  ,features. When driving 1 W into 8-Ω speakers, the TPA0132 has less than 0.4% THD+Nacross its specified frequency range. Included within this device i ..

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