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TP3420AJ from NS, National Semiconductor 11pcs , DIP,ISDN S/T Interface Device
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TP3420AJ from NS , National Semiconductor 500pcs,ISDN S/T Interface Device
TP3420AJ from NSC, National Semiconductor 20pcs,ISDN S/T Interface Device
Applications“B” channels, each of 64 kb/s, and 1 “D” channel at 16 kb/sn Same Device for NT, TE and PBX Line Cardare available for users’ data. In addition, the TP3420A pro-n Point-to-Point Range Extended to 1.5 kmvides the 800 b/s “S1”, “S2” & “Q” multiframe channels forn Point-to-Multipoint for all I.430 ConfigurationsLayer 1 maintenance.n Easy Interface to:All I.430 wiring configurations are supported by the TP3420ALAPD Processor MC68302, HPC16400SID, including the “passive bus” for up to 8 TE’s distributedTerminal Adapter MC68302, HPC16400within 200 meters of low capacitance cable, andCodec/Filter COMBO TP3054/7 and TP3076point-to-point and point-to-star connections up to at least“U” Interface Device TP34101500 meters (24AWG). Adaptive receive signal processingLine Card Backplanes — No External PLL Neededensures low bit error rates on any of the standard types ofn Line Monitor Mode for Test Equipmentcable pairs commonly found in premise wiring installationswhen tested with the noise sources specified in I.430.®TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.COMBO™, MICROWIRE™ and SID™ are trademarks of National Semiconductor Corporation. 1999 National Semiconductor Corporation DS009143 features.n Clock resynchronizer and elastic buffers for NT-2/LTThe TP3420A S Interface Device (SID™) is a completen Slave-slave mode for NT-2 trunksmonolithic transceiver for data transmission on twisted pairn Extensive hardware support for SC1, SC2 and Qsubscriber loops. It is built on National’s advanced 1.0 mi-channel messagingcron double-metal CMOS process, and requires only an Bipolar violation detection and FECV messagingsingle +5V supply. All functions specified in CCITT recom-n Selectable system interface formatsmendation I.430 (1991) and ANSI T1.605 (1991) for ISDN™n MICROWIRE and SCP compatible serial controlbasic access at the “S” and “T” interfaces are provided, andinterfacethe device can be configured to operate either in a TE (Ter-™minal Equipment), in an NT-1 or NT-2 (Network Termination) n TP3054/7 Codec/Filter COMBO compatibilityor as a PABX line-card or trunk-card device. n Single +5V supplyAs specified in I.430, full-duplex transmission at 192 kb/s is n 20-pin package DIP, PLCCprovided on separate transmit and receive twisted wire pairsusing inverted Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI) line coding. 2features for compliance with the new n Selectable TE or NT moderelease of ANSI T1.605-1991 and CCITT I-430. At initialn Exceeds I.430 range: 1.5 km point-to-pointpower-up the device is fully backwards compatible with then Adaptive receiver for high noise immunityTP3420 device, and modifications to the firmware are onlyn Adaptive and fixed timing options for NT-1required to take advantage of the new
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