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TP3406N from NSC, National Semiconductor 2pcs , DIP-18P,DASL Digital Adapter for Subscriber Loops
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TP3406N NSC N/a 2
TP3406N from NS, National Semiconductor 57pcs,DASL Digital Adapter for Subscriber Loops
FeaturesThe TP3406 is a complete monolithic transceiver for data Complete ISDN PBX 2-Wire Data Transceiver including:transmission on twisted pair subscriber loops. It is built on Y2 B plus D channel interface for PBX UÊ InterfaceNational’s double poly microCMOS process, and requiresY144 kb/s full-duplex on 1 twisted pair using Burst Modeaonlyasingle 5Voltsupply.AlternateMarkInversion(AMI)YLoop range up to 800 meters (Ý24AWG)line coding, in which binary ‘1’s are alternately transmittedYAlternate Mark Inversion coding with transmit filter andas a positive pulse then a negative pulse, is used to ensurescrambler for low emi radiationlowerrorratesinthepresenceofnoisewithloweremiradia-YAdaptive line equalizertion than other codes such as Bi-phase (Manchester).YOn-chip timing recovery, no external componentsFull-duplextransmissionat144kb/sisachievedonasingleYStandard TDM interface for B channelstwisted wire pair using a burst-mode technique (Time Com-YSeparate interface for D channelpressionMultiplexed).ThusthedeviceoperatesasanISDNY2.048 MHz master clock‘U’ Interface for short loop applications, typically in a PBXYenvironment, providing transmission for 2 B channels and 1 Driver for line transformerÝ YD channel. On 24 cable, the range is up to 800 meters. 4 loop-back test modesY aSystem timing is based on a Master/Slave configuration, Single 5V supplyY TMwith the line card end being the Master which controls loop MICROWIRE compatible serial control interfacetiming and synchronisation. All timing sequences necessaryY

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