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TP3404V from NSC, National Semiconductor 1650pcs , PLCC-28P,Quad Digital Adapter for Subscriber Loops (QDASL)
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TP3404V NSC N/a 1650
TP3404V from NS, National Semiconductor 137pcs , PLCC28,Quad Digital Adapter for Subscriber Loops (QDASL)
TP3404V from TI, Texas Instruments 50pcs,Quad Digital Adapter for Subscriber Loops (QDASL)
TP3404V from NS,NS, National Semiconductor 2962pcs , Original Sealed Package,Quad Digital Adapter for Subscriber Loops (QDASL)
Block Diagram01192401®TRI-STATE is a registered trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation.MICROWIRE™ is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. 2004 National Semiconductor Corporation DS011924 ±Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Current at Any Digital Output 50 mAStorage Temperature Range −65˚C to +150˚CIf Military/Aerospace specified devices are required,pleasecontacttheNationalSemiconductorSalesOffice/Lead TemperatureDistributors for availability and specifications.(Soldering, 10 sec.) 300˚CV /V to GNDA/GNDD 7VDDA DDDNote1: Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage toVoltage at Any Li, Lo Pin V +1VtoGND−1Vthe device may occur. Operating ratings indicate conditions for which theCCdevice is functional, but do not guarantee specific performance limits.Current at Any Lo ±100 mAVoltage at Any Digital Input V +1VtoGND−1VCCElectrical CharacteristicsUnless otherwise specified, limits printed in BOLD characters are guaranteed for V =V =5V ±5%, T = 0˚C to +70˚C.CCA CCD ATypical characteristics are specified at V =V = 5.0V, T = 25˚C. All signals are referenced to GND, which is the com-DDA DDD Amon of GNDA and GNDDSymbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max UnitsDIGITAL INTERFACESV Input High Voltage All Digital Inputs (DC) 2 VIHV Input Low Voltage All Digital Inputs (DC) 0.8 VILV Output High Voltage I =+1mA 2.4 VOH LV Output Low Voltage I =−1mA 0.4 VOL LI Input Low Current All Digital Input, GND < V < V −10 10 µAIL IN ILI Input High Current All Digital Input, V < V < V −10 10 µAIH IH IN CCI Output Current in High Impedance BO, CO, and DOOZ−10 10 µA®(TRl-STATE )LINE INTERFACES<

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