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TP3070V from NSC, National Semiconductor 820pcs , PLCC,COMBO II Programmable PCM CODEC/Filter
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TP3070V NSC N/a 820
Featuresn Complete CODEC and FILTER system including:The TP3070 and TP3071 are second-generation combined— Transmit and receive PCM channel filtersPCM CODEC and Filter devices optimized for digital switch-— μ-law or A-law companding encoder and decodering
TP3070V-6 NS
TP3070V-D TP
TP3070V-D NS
TP3070V-G NSC,applications on subscriber line and trunk cards. Using— Receive power amplifier drives 300Ωadvanced switched capacitor techniques, COMBO II com-— 4.0 ..

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