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TLV571IDW from TI, Texas Instruments 28pcs , SOP24,8-Bit, 1.25 MSPS Single Ch., Hardware Config., Low Power w/Auto or S/W PowerDown
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TLV571IDW TI N/a 28
features applications* Fast Throughput Rate: 1.25 MSPS at 5 V, * Mass Storage and HDD625 KSPS at 3 V* Automotive* Wide Analog Input: 0 V to AVDD * Digital Servos* Differential Nonlinearity Error: < ± 0.5 LSB* Process Control* Integral Nonlinearity Error: < ± 0.5 LSB* General-Purpose DSP* Single 2.7-V to 5.5-V Supply Operation* Image Sensor Processing* Low Power: 12 mW at 3 V and 35 mW at 5 VDW OR PW PACKAGE* Auto Power Down of 1 mA Max(TOP VIEW)* Software Power Down: 10 m A MaxCS 1 24 NC* Internal OSCWR 2 23 AIN* Hardware ConfigurableRD 3 22 AVDDCLK 4 21 AGND* DSP and Microcontroller CompatibleDGND 5 20 REFMParallel Interface6 19DV REFPDDINT/EOC 7 18 CSTART* Binary/Twos Complement OutputDGND 8 17 A1/D7* Hardware Controlled Extended SamplingDGND 9 16 A0/D610 15D0 D5* Hardware or Software Start of Conversion 11 14D1 D412 13D2 D3descriptionThe TLV571 is an 8-bit data acquisition systemNC – No internal connectionthat combines a high-speed 8-bit ADC and aparallel interface. The device contains two on-chip control registers allowing control of software conversion startand power down via the bidirectional parallel port. The control registers can be set to a default mode using adummy RD while WR is tied low allowing the registers to be hardware configurable.The TLV571 operates from a single 2.7-V to 5.5-V power supply. It accepts an analog input range from 0 V toAV and digitizes the input at a maximum 1.25 MSPS throughput rate at 5 V. The power dissipations are onlyDD12 mW with a 3-V supply or 35 mW with a 5-V supply. The device
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