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TLV5631IPWG4 from TI, Texas Instruments 4pcs , TSSOP,2.7V to 5.5V 10-Bit 8-Channel Serial DAC W/Int Ref 20-TSSOP -40 to 85
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TLV5631IPWG4 TI N/a 4
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICSover recommended operating conditions (unless otherwise noted)PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS MIN TYP MAX UNITPOWER SUPPLYFast 16 21No load, All inputs = DV or GND,DDI Power supply current mA(1)DDV = 2.048 V, SeerefSlow 6 8Power-down supply0.1 μAcurrentPOR Power on threshold 2 VPower supply rejection(2)PSRR Full scale, See -50 dBratio(1) I is measured while continuously writing code 2048 to the DAC. For V < DV - 0.7 V and V > 0.7 V, supply current increases.DD IH DD IL(2) Power supply rejection ratio at full scale is measured by varying AV and is given by: PSRR = 20 log [(E (AV max) -DD G DDE (AV min))/V max]G DD DDCopyright 2000–2008, Texas Instruments Incorporated Submit Documentation Feedback 3Product Folder Link(s): TLV5630 TLV5631 TLV5632TLV5630TLV5631TLV5632SLAS269F–MAY 2000–REVISED NOVEMBER 2008 ....

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